St Davids Confirmation in June 2023

A revolution of the heart.

  • St.Jude and the Nativity
  • Bishop at Convention 2023
  • Clergy Luncheon
  • St. Peter's Phoenixville

"We are countercultural and revolutionary."

"We are a place where the church actually looks and acts like Jesus. A revolution of the heart. The church should be joy and life, not preoccupied with keeping the lights on or fixing the roof. Dream something new and different."

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We have 135 churches to call home. The Episcopal faith is waiting for you.

Bishop at St. John's
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“The Episcopal Church must become a place of belonging, not just a place of welcome.”

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We have 135 congregations across 5 counties. Diverse, spirit-filled places of belonging. Find a church and people interested and involved in similar ministries so you can share ideas and strategies.

Bishop speaking to congregants 2023

There is truly a revolutionary spirit in this diocese.

Our vision is to know Jesus and change the world. We can do that by proclaiming the Gospel, empowering our churches, and addressing the pain and poverty. We have the gifts, resources, people, and faith. Together we are change agents for Christ.