Vision in Action: Liturgical Commission

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Vision in Action (VIA)

We are sharing stories of the vision in action. Stories that empower congregations, proclaim the Gospel and address the pain and poverty in the world.

A year ago at General Convention resolutions A068 and D046 were passed urging each diocese to create a liturgical commission to prayerfully collect, reflect, teach, and share resources within the diocese. 


As a result, Bishop Gutiérrez has commissioned a diverse group of twelve lay and clergy members from around the diocese to serve on a new Liturgical Discernment Commission.


The scope of this work includes deepening our engagement with the theology and practice of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer; exploring alternative texts that are more inclusive and representative of the whole of God’s creation; and expanding the repertoire of our biblical language for worship.

“Through this work, we hope to inspire the people of our diocese to take full advantage of the breadth and beauty of all of the 1979 BCP,” said Amy Crawford, a member of the newly formed Commission.  “And experiment with approved alternative texts that are more inclusive and representative of the whole of God’s creation to more fully engage current and future generation of Episcopalians.”


“We ask for prayer while we journey through this process, and we are excited to begin our work by engaging on the parish level with a survey," said the Rev. Joshua Caler, another member of the Commission. "We also invite all in our diocese to reach out to us for conversation around this work -- we aspire to faithfully represent the unique voices and viewpoints of our diocese as a whole, and look forward to listening and collaborating as part of the process.” 


The Liturgical Commission will issue a report prior to the next General Convention in 2021.


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