United as One Partnership

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Logo for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

The diocese has entered into a regional partnership with the American Red Cross: “United As One– Christ shed his blood for us; we share our blood for Him.

The American Red Cross (ARC) humanitarian and biomedical missions align with our diocesan ministries: basic health education and care; entry-level employment as phlebotomists; anti-gun violence; and emergency response / disaster recovery services. Learn more at redcross.org.

More parishes sponsoring more frequent blood drives aid in trauma response, surgical care, and cancer treatment. The ARC assigns a local account manager to help parishes through every step of the process at no cost. Blood drives are evangelism in real time! 

Please urge your parishioners, outreach ministries, and vestry to sponsor a blood drive. Contact the ARC Development Manager, Michael Gionta, at 215-687-8988,  Michael.Gionta@Redcross.org or the diocesan United as One Partnership Blood Drive Program spokesperson, Martin McElroy, 810-5154054, info.stpetersblooddrive.com.