Recovery House Church Launches

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023

Logo for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

From the diocese's Addiction Recovery Advocates Networks.

"Recovery House Church is fluid and dynamic, open to all shackled by or contending with any substance use or behavioral disorder. In small groups (6-8), we will conduct recovery home church regularly on a monthly (at minimum), bi-weekly, or weekly basis. We expect our relationships, as well as our format and practices will evolve as we strive together for "still more spiritual growth."

We welcome anyone of faith. The service will focus on Jesus as the source of healing, hope, and happiness. We welcome clergy, but as participants rather than presiders. The service will follow Compline in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, with some variation. Music will be subject to the interests and talent of the participants. Meditation, prayer, and fellowship are hallmarks of harmony in faith. The group will rotate hosting among the participants in a schedule convenient to their availability and accommodations.

Beyond this broad outline, every Recovery Home Church sets its own parameters in the spirit of fellowship and faith in the Risen Lord in whom we place all our trust. The Samaritan woman at the well encountered Jesus and everything changed. This is the miracle we seek in recovery, in Jesus's name."

If you are interested, please contact Martin McElroy or Canon Smyth.  They are welcoming people to join Recovery House Church later this November at Martin's home;  for people to invite a few friends in or near recovery to consider participating in Recovery House Church; and for those who want to start their own  Recovery Home Church.