Prayer this week (week of 4/27)

Monday, April 27th, 2020

Online Prayer on Facebook

There are amazing prayer services happening across the diocese. This week, we will share those on our Facebook page. Here is the schedule:

Monday 4/27

Morning Prayer,   All Hallows, Wyncote,   8:30 am

Noonday Prayer,  Bishop,  Noon

Evening Prayer,   St John’s, Concord,  5 pm

Compline,   Canon Betsy Ivey,   8 pm


Tuesday 4/28

Morning Prayer,  Christ Church, Pottstown,    9 am

Noonday Prayer,  Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph, Noon

Evening Prayer,  St. Phillip’s, New Hope,   7 pm

Compline,    Canon Kirk Berlenbach,    8 pm


Wednesday 4/29

Morning Prayer,   TBD

Noonday Prayer,  Bishop, Noon

Evening Prayer,  St Peter’s, Philadelphia,  5 pm

Compline,  Youth: Brandon Barksdale, AECST,  8:00 pm


Thursday 4/30

Morning Prayer,  St. Alban’s, Roxborough,  8:30 am

Noonday Prayer,   Bishop, Noon

Evening Prayer,   St. Andrew’s, West Vincent,  5 pm

Compline,   Canon Betsy Ivey,  8 pm


Friday 5/01

Morning Prayer,   St. Luke’s, Germantown,   8:00 am

Noonday Prayer,  Bishop, Noon

Evening Prayer,  Canon Kirk Berlenbach,  6 pm

Compline,    Youth: Triniti Miller, AECST,  8 pm


Saturday 5/02

Morning Prayer,  Youth: TBD,  8:00 am

Noonday Prayer,   Canon Toneh Smyth, Noon

Compline, Bishop, 7:30 pm


Sunday, 5/03

Morning Prayer,  Bishop,   10:00 am