Loving Presence Report and Video Released (6/18/21)

Friday, June 18th, 2021

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Loving Presence was a group of fifteen clergy who developed a broad plan to dismantle racism in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. The group met throughout the summer and completed a report identifying ten major recommendations, with accompanying elaborations and action steps.

The Loving Presence Report was presented to, and unanimously approved by, Diocesan Council, the Standing Committee and the Board of Trustees. The prayerful endorsement of diocesan leadership affirmed our need to respond to the systems of racism both within and outside of the diocese, and to implement the recommendations of the Loving Presence committee.

Among the first of those recommendations was to engage an independent consultant from outside the diocese, experienced in anti-racism work within the context of The Episcopal Church, in order to assist our churches in implementing the tenants of this ministry.

Ki ThoughtBridge has been selected to equip clergy and lay leadership teams in our parishes with the essential adaptive leadership skills needed to engage in effective anti-racism work. Ki ThoughtBridge will collaborate with diocesan bodies already engaged in anti-racism work. I have also appointed an advisory group to collaborate with the consultants in this first phase of our work; and to ascertain the content, processes and resources required to achieve the long, mid, and short-term goals stated in The Loving Presence Report. The first phase of the work will begin in the Fall.