Gutiérrez Accompanies Archbishop of Canterbury to Visit Migrants in Central America

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

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The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, will travel to Anglican dioceses in Central America (5/31-6/10) at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby.

Gutiérrez will represent the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania as well as the Compass Rose Society, for which he currently serves as president, while visiting Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, and Costa Rica. The Compass Rose Society is a global organization that fosters unity in the Anglican Communion and supports the Archbishop’s initiatives through service and fundraising.

While in those countries, Gutiérrez will visit those affected by the migrant crisis across Central America; learn from the Indigenous peoples how migration is caused by climate change and how the larger church can help in addressing it; and participate in a variety of worship services. In El Salvador, he will go on a pilgrimage to sacred places associated with Archbishop Óscar Romero. In 2018, Gutiérrez represented The Episcopal Church at the Vatican for Romero’s Canonization to Sainthood. 

On the trip, Gutiérrez will also visit The Church of Santa Cruz in Balanyá, Guatemala. The land and church building were financed by St. David’s Episcopal Church in Wayne. For decades, the Diocese of Pennsylvania has had a companion relationship with the Diocese of Guatemala. Gutiérrez will highlight and celebrate some of the fruits of this partnership.   

Last year, Gutiérrez was asked to accompany Welby on this official visitation when he addressed the Church of England’s Synod.

“This pilgrimage in faith and ministry is about journeying with my siblings in Central America.  We speak the same language and share the same dreams, hopes, and prayers in ministry.  I seek to listen and then emphasize what we can learn about evangelism, adapting, adjusting, persevering, and living the Good News,” said Gutiérrez.  “The future and the growth of The Episcopal Church will be found in large numbers in Latin America and her faithful people. I am grateful to represent the Diocese of Pennsylvania, the Compass Rose Society, and The Episcopal Church.  My deep thanks to my friend, the Archbishop of Canterbury, for the invitation to serve God’s people in the name of Christ.”

The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania has 136 churches in five counties – Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. The diocese is known for reopening churches and innovative programming that is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ.