Five Sacred Days in 2020

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

The five sacred days are meant to encourage collaboration and address poverty in our communities.

We have the highest number of children in poverty. Poverty is not only an economic condition; there are sisters and brothers who are experiencing spiritual, physical, and mental poverty … We must be a church that goes out into the world and meets the poor ... not from the top down, but the bottom up."

Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez


1 day, 1 idea, 5 churches

During the Diocesan Convention, the Bishop discussed living fearlessly in Christ. Next year, we will focus on people and churches who are “going to the deep” to address the issue of poverty.  (If we don’t know what you are doing - small or large – let us know.)

The 5 Sacred Days (see below) are a step towards increasing collaboration between churches and spreading the Gospel.  We are asking churches to work together on at least one of the 5 days and incorporate a message of God into what you do. We know that most of you are already doing work – that is a GREAT!  Can you involve 5 other churches in to help you?  We will provide all the marketing assistance you need (posts, posters, outreach to media, etc.)

Your dean is aware of each of these days and may be planning something or looking for ideas. Please let your dean or us know which day you want to do. We have ideas for all of these if you need our assistance. 

Here is a list of what is planned. We will continue to update the list.


1.Day of Clothing 


2.Day of Feeding ​​​​​​

  • Potluck in the Park, Prospect Park, TBD. (Several churches participating)
  • Afterschool Feeding Program, Harleysville, TBD.


3.Day of Education 


4.Day of Healing 


5.Day of Service


Questions?  Here are some we have already answered. Let us know if you have more.


  • What if our church is already doing something? Can we do that for one of the days?  We know that many churches are already engaged in outreach efforts.  We ask that you recruit other churches to work alongside you. The goal is collaboration.
  • If one deanery is already doing one of the days (say Day of Feeding) does that mean my deanery needs to find another day? Not at all. But, we recommend that you and the other deanery have your events on the same day for the most impact. 
  • How will I know what other deaneries or churches are doing? If you have an idea for a day, contact us. We will start publicizing activities here as soon as we know them so others can join. 
  • Are you asking us to do all of the days?  No, we are asking each church to commit to one of the days. However, if you want to do more we couldn’t be happier.
  • Do the churches we work with need to be in our deanery? No.  We advise that you work with churches that are geographically near you so that the day can make a bigger impact on that community.  In some cases, this may be churches in your deanery. But, it might not. If you need help finding churches, let us know.
  • I have an idea but am not sure if my church wants or can do it.  What should I do? Contact us!  We will help find collaborators for your idea.