Finding Beauty and Joy (10/13/22)

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Seal of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Finding Beauty (October 2022)

For the last six years, we have worked together to prepare the fields and plant the seeds for the harvest of tomorrow. Partners, working as the body of Christ, to create something beautiful. Adding programs like Serviam that allow you to go out into the world and engage in ministry.  Creating the Media Center and sending out Digital Disciples to touch hearts and minds through technology. Grants to support new ministries, Casting Nets to help churches dream and build a new future.

As we head into our diocesan convention at the end of this month, we will gather and review programs, budgets and ministries. We will lift up our accomplishments and ready the field for more work together. Yet, we will do something far more sacred. We will celebrate. We will seek to see the beauty that surrounds our common life together.

We will focus on the beauty in life, the beauty of one another and reflect the beauty of Christ, which cannot be contained on a line in a spreadsheet.

What did you see today that was beautiful? Or, what did you hear that was beautiful? Beauty has the power to change our hearts and the world. In that beauty, we find joy – which is much needed right now.

I look forward to continuing to walk with you, in beauty. There we will find joy in life, joy in one another and joy in the Lord.

May our eyes behold the beauty that surrounds us. Come and See.

God bless you.

Bishop Signature Updated 2021

The Rt. Reverend Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez

XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania