Diocese to Provide Vaccines to Clergy

Wednesday, February 24th, 2021

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Germantown

The diocese will be hosting a COVID vaccine clinic at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Germantown for all clergy and essential staff on March 13, 2021 (with a backup date of March 27th  if needed).

Next Steps:

  • All clergy will receive an email this week that contains the link to pre-register. If you do not receive by 3/2, please contact tsmyth@diopa.org.
  • The deadline to register is March 4th.
  • Each person much register individually vs a group registration. With their permission, clergy can create a registration for each of their essential staff as defined below.
  • The following week, you will be contacted to complete registration questions and schedule a timeslot.

We would love to offer vaccines to all staff that lead the various key ministries, programs and functions of the church.  However, it is important to remember that vaccines are still very limited and we are categorized with professionals such as police and firefighters who are in constant contact with the community as part of their duties.

Essential staff defined (please note these requirements are not set by the diocese):

  • Only the bare minimal staff required onsite in order for worship services to occur are eligible at this time.  This would include: Sexton, Director of Music or Primary Organist, and admin staff (are eligible only if they work onsite and are in constant contact with parishioners).
  • Based on answers we have received from various county officials, music department staff apart from the primary musician are not eligible.
  • At this time, volunteers are not eligible.
  • Spouses/household members are not eligible at this time.