Art and Faith: The Dynamic Duo of Sacred Art

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

Art & Faith: "Resurrection" - The Samuel Yellen Crozier

“I was given these skills by God. It only seems right to give it back.”

Paige Miller is an accomplished sculptor, and her restoration talents include working with brass, bronze, silver, iron, steel, wood, stone and concrete, among other materials. Her art is rooted in ancient techniques and methods that date back hundreds and even thousands of years.

Diana Whitener is a painter whose art reflects and expresses her spirituality, with angels and religious figures as frequent subjects. She is currently painting an updated portrait of Blessed Absalom Jones. They decided to align their artistic endeavors with their faith by changing their business name from Natural Medium to Natural Medium Sacred Arts, offering a wide variety of painting, sculpture and restoration services for sacred spaces.

“It was divine timing,” Whitener says.