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Please contact Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph for information on transitions and vocational opportunities for clergy. Also included below are job listings for laity within the Diocese. Please contact Canon Jen Tucker to have yours listed.

Clergy Positions

FT Chaplain – St. James School

St. James School, Philadelphia

Full Time

Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter and salary requirements for consideration to Melinda Leonowitz, Dir. of Human Resources at




PT Priest in Charge – Church of the Good Shepherd, East Falls

Church of the Good Shepherd, East Falls

Part Time

Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume, and OTM profile to Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph at



FT Rector - Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, Philadelphia

Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, Philadelphia

Full Time

Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume, and OTM profile to Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph at



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Laity Positions

FT Director of Christian Formation - Church of the Advent, Kennett Square

Church of the Advent, 01 N Union St, Kennett Square, PA

Full Time

To apply, please send letter of interest and resume to the Rev. Tim Johnson at


Director of Christian Formation - Church of the Advent, Kennett Square, PA

The Episcopal Church of the Advent in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is a parish of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and is conveniently located near Wilmington, DE (20 minutes) and Philadelphia, PA (40 minutes). We are a friendly and inclusive congregation, committed to growing in our faith in Jesus and reaching out to our community with God’s love. Our congregation is blessed with a dedicated staff and committed, engaged lay leaders. In addition to emerging from the pandemic in this past year, we recently called a new rector and are ready to move forward in mission and ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We seek a Spirit-led lay person or vocational deacon to assist our parish in rebuilding and expanding our children’s, youth, and family ministries. In addition, the ideal candidate will assist in organizing our lay leadership in the provision of pastoral care. The ideal candidate for this position will be a compassionate, energetic, and creative leader who is able to establish intergenerational relationships and is knowledgeable of effective Christian formation practices. The ideal candidate must be deeply committed to nurturing their own faith and the faith of others and able to work collegially alongside the rector, staff, and lay leadership in fulfilling our mission and growing the formational ministries of our parish.

This is a full-time position, and the compensation package includes health insurance and a pension match.

To apply, please send letter of interest and resume to the Rev. Tim Johnson at

PT Organist/Choir Director - St. Peter's in the Great Valley, Malvern

St. Peter's in the Great Valley, 2475 St. Peter's Rd., Malvern, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Part Time


St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley
Organist/Choir Director Position Description

General understandings and covenants
St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley is an active parish in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Located on 16 beautiful acres, we have two unique buildings in which we worship. On the west end of campus is our historic church with box pews. The organ in the historic church is a Bigelow Organ, op. 30, installed in 2003, a 10-rank mechanical action instrument located in the gallery. On the east side is a building we call the bank barn that has a completely flexible and well-crafted worship space. Its Gober Organ was installed in 2006. There is also a Yamaha grand piano in this space. The Organist/Choir Director is expected to be proficient on these instruments. A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Music, with a preference for Organ Performance, and/or experience with church organ music, accompanying choirs and parishioners, is required. Experience with Anglican church music is a plus.

Music is an integral part of the life of our parish. The Organist/Choir Director exercises an important ministry that reaches out to the staff, choir members, other members of the congregation, and the community.

The music ministry involves the Organist/Choir Director as a pastor, educator, and principal musician of this parish. Their pastoral concern for and counsel to all members of the choir and the parish are to exemplify the religious spirit of this place. As an educator, the Organist/Choir Director teaches music and explains related liturgical concepts. As a musician, the Organist/Choir Director commits themselves to be diligent in preparation and performance, cooperating with others to provide and enable the highest possible standard of worship in the parish.

The Organist/Choir Director works to provide music that is vibrant and diverse, drawing from a variety of traditions and styles in organ and choral music, and reflecting the diverse and inclusive values of the Episcopal tradition and of this parish congregation and community.

The Organist/Choir Director works under the leadership of the Rector or Priest-in-Charge of the parish to fulfill their roles in their ministry. In keeping with the Constitutions and Canons of the Episcopal Church: “the Member of the Clergy shall have final authority in the administration of matters pertaining to music. In fulfilling this responsibility, the Member of the Clergy shall seek assistance from persons skilled in music.”

The position of Organist/Choir Director is a part-time staff position, requiring 20 hours per week, which is 50% of full-time employment. The Organist/Choir Director is entitled to benefits as detailed in the contract that accompanies this document.

Responsibilities of the Organist/Choir Director

Music in Worship
The Organist/Choir Director provides the music for two Sunday morning worship services throughout the program year (September through May). They select appropriate instrumental, choral, and congregational music for each service, as overseen by the Rector. The Organist/Choir Director participates in meetings of the Worship Commission so that they may bring their knowledge and expertise to the discussion and selection of liturgically appropriate music. When the Organist/Choir Director is unavailable for participation in a particular Sunday service, such as for vacation, professional development, or illness, they will ensure that substitute musicians are provided.

It would be preferred that the Organist/Choir Director be in attendance at weekly staff meetings.

During the program year, the Organist/Choir Director rehearses and prepares the Family Choir and the Gallery Choir, generally once during the week and prior to the services on Sunday morning. The Family Choir concentrates on hymns and service music, leads psalm singing, and prepares a variety of easy anthems. This choir is open to all singers who can match pitches. The Gallery Choir is made up of singers with good music reading ability and is auditioned. Singers are expected to attend regularly and prepare music ahead of time. Exploring the rich heritage of the Anglican tradition, this choir works on psalmody, anthems, motets, and service music from a variety of musical periods. Both choirs are supported by professional section leaders. The Choir Director is responsible for auditioning and selecting section leaders, as well as recruiting new voices for the choirs. It is desirable that the Organist and Choir Director is open to resuming the Handbell Choir, and, should there be sufficient interest from parishioners, resuming a Children’s Choir. Historically Saint Peter’s has also hosted Choral Scholars.

During the summer the Organist/Choir Director provides instrumental music and leads congregational hymns for one weekly Sunday service. As the choirs are in hiatus over the summer months the time commitments could be less for the Organist/Choir Director during that period.

The Organist/Choir Director works with the Rector and the Worship Commission to develop and provide music for special worship services on Sunday afternoon or evening during the church year. We have averaged six such services per program year, and with the Rector and the Worship Commission additional services could be considered. Usually these are services of evensong or compline. Special Sunday worship services are those that engage guest musicians and/or have substantially different or additional music than a regular service. The Organist/Choir Director develops, prepares, and presents music for up to eight worship services that occur throughout the year on days other than Sunday (including Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and such others as are jointly determined).

Organization and administration
The Organist/Choir Director meets regularly with the Rector and also participates in meetings of the Worship Commission. The Worship Commission meets approximately every six weeks.

The Organist/Choir Director provides information to the church office for Sunday leaflets in a timely manner each week and for special services.

The Organist/Choir Director is responsible for the purchase of all music and music supplies and hiring guest musicians as needed for worship within the budgeted expenses of the fiscal year. They maintain the music library, taking care to comply with all legal responsibilities with respect to the duplication and use of copyrighted material. Historically Saint Peter’s has utilized the services of a Music Assistant. The Organist/Choir Director oversees routine maintenance of the church's musical instruments and informs the Rector of any extraordinary issues related to their proper functioning that may arise.

The Organist/Choir Director responds to opportunities for the adult choir of the parish to participate in music and events outside of worship and Sunday morning services. These may include events within the deanery or diocese, as well as international residencies.

Additional factors
Weddings and funerals, where music is requested, are compensated by the families hosting those events and the Organist/Choir Director has the right of first refusal to be the musician for those services. When the Organist/Choir Director is not available they will arrange for another musician to provide music.

The Organist/Choir Director retains the rights to any work of music that they compose, create, or arrange during their employment, whether created for direct use in the worship of the parish or for their own use.

St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley is fortunate to have some music funds designated by parishioner bequests. The Organist/Choir Director, working with the treasurers and Rector, has input into the use of these monies.

The Organist/Choir Director is encouraged to continue their professional development and will be supported with time (in addition to earned personal/vacation time) and funding, as provided in the annual church budget. “Continuing education” may include such topics as instrumental study, choral conducting and vocal study, trends in worship, and multicultural music for worship. The details of time and financial support for professional development are specified in the Organist/Choir Director letter of appointment and contract.

PT Godly Play Facilitator - St. Paul's, Chestnut Hill

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 22 E Chestnut Hill Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Part Time

To apply, please email your resume to the Rev. Josiah Daniels, Assistant Rector:


Job Summary
St. Paul’ Episcopal Church is looking for a part-􀆟me Godly Play Facilitator. As a member of the St. Paul’s staff, they will work to support the Rector’s vision and mission for the community within the context of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries at St. Paul’s. In coordina􀆟on with the Assistant Rector, they will provide programma􀆟c and administra􀆟ve support to our Godly Play program. The Godly Play Facilitator reports directly to the Assistant Rector.
The posi􀆟on will require an average of 15 hours per week for 35 weeks during the program year. Addi􀆟onal hours may be required for training, projects, and special events. The facilitator is required to atend the monthly mee􀆟ng of the Children, Youth, and Family Commitee. This role may require limited hours during the summer months with flexible scheduling.
About Godly Play
Godly Play is a crea􀆟ve, imagina􀆟ve approach to Chris􀆟an forma􀆟on and spiritual guidance built on a Montessori founda􀆟on backed by over forty years of research and prac􀆟ce. It values process, openness, discovery, community, and rela􀆟onships as it models the worship life, stories, symbols, and rituals of the Chris􀆟an faith. In doing so, it empowers children to make relevant and theological meaning within the larger dimensions of faith and life through wondering and play.
Responsibilities and Duties
While the nature of work in the Church requires flexibility, the basic responsibili􀆟es of this role are as follows:
● Create a safe, welcoming atmosphere for children and their families.
● Lead a one-hour Godly Play session each week as Storyteller during the program year (appx. Mid-September – early June).
● In conversa􀆟on with the Assistant Rector, staff, and lay leadership, plan and manage the story schedule for the Godly Play classrooms.
● Coordinate story teller and door person scheduling, recruitment, and training.
● Ensure atendance is recorded electronically each week.
● Support all Godly play classrooms in managing supply inventory, including classroom items and feast supplies.
● Coordinate with the Assistant Rector and lay leaders to complete an annual inventory of all Godly Play classrooms.
Education, Skills, and Experience
The ideal candidate will exhibit a passion for the spiritual lives of children, and have experience working with children in a faith-based context. Candidates should have familiarity with Godly
The Rev. Eric P. Hungerford, Rector
The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
Play as described in Jerome W. Berryman, Teaching Godly Play: How to Mentor the Spiritual Development of Children (Denver: Morehouse, 2009).
Flexibility and a willingness to learn are essen􀆟al for this role. Reliable atendance is essen􀆟al for this role. Membership in the Episcopal Church is not a requirement. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a relevant area will receive priority considera􀆟on. Candidates must be 21 years of age or older.
Compensation and Hours
• Approximately $8,000 per annum ($15.00/hour for 35 weeks during the program year).
• This is a part-􀆟me posi􀆟on requiring an average commitment of 15 hours per week, including regular Sunday and occasional evening hours.
About St. Paul’s
St. Paul’s is a vibrant community commited to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its worship, ministry, and outreach. As an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Pennsylvania, we are deeply rooted in the ancient tradi􀆟ons of the Chris􀆟an faith as interpreted through the Book of Common Prayer. We are equally commited to atending to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our present 􀆟me. We are a church of approximately 500 members with an average Sunday atendance of 150. Full-􀆟me staff include the Rector, Assistant Rector, Music Director, and Parish Administrator. The Godly Play Facilitator will report to the Assistant Rector and work collegially with other staff, teachers, and parents.
To apply, please email your resume to the Rev. Josiah Daniels, Assistant Rector:

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