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Please contact Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph for information on transitions and vocational opportunities for clergy. Also included below are job listings for laity within the Diocese. Please contact Canon Jen Tucker to have yours listed.

Clergy Positions

Associate - African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas

African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas (Overbrook) – Philadelphia

Full Time

The Very Rev. Canon Martini Shaw,  and


Associate to the Rector For Parish Life and Youth Ministries

Skills, Gifts and Passions for Ministry

- An ability to work collaboratively and creatively, teaching and learning in community
- An ability to communicate through conversation: i.e. speaking, writing, and using technology and media in ministry
- Care for one’s own spiritual and physical health / growth: i.e. Sabbath time, prayer life, study, worship, etc.
- Passion for creative liturgy
- Passion for Christian formation for all ages: i.e. bible classes
- Passion for pastoral care and visitations

Responsibilities / Expectations / Supervision

- Reports directly to the rector and is under the supervision of the rector
- Maintains regular daily office hours, unless away on pastoral duties, visitations or meetings
- Fulfills weekly pastoral visitations to hospitalized and infirm parishioners
- Creates and nurtures the Young Adult Ministries of the parish, including our students away in school and neighboring St. Joseph’s University
- Assists and participates in all liturgical activities
- Exercises other pastoral duties as requested by the rector (preaching, presiding, counseling, bible classes, etc.)
- Avails herself/himself for emergency calls when the rector is away on business, vacation, off days, etc.)
- Participates in the general life and ministries of the parish and perform such other duties as required by the rector.

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Responsibilities Specific to Youth Ministries

- Must be energetic, creative and passionate about working with youth;
- Must Recruit youth to become active members of the parish;
- Must organize / design / revamp / create dynamic opportunities for youth Ministry;
- Must recruit and work with adult leaders for youth
- Must support and work with the leadership of Church School, Scouts, GFS, Acolytes, and any other youth ministry of the parish;

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities. Such duties and responsibilities may be changed from time to time by the rector as needed for the furtherance of the parish’s vision and its membership.

Contact: The Very Rev. Canon Martini Shaw
17th Rector
African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas
6361 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA. 19151
(215) 473 – 3065

Send Letter of Interest, Bio and OTM Profile to: The Very Rev. Canon Martini Shaw and

Rector - Christ Church, Ithan and St. Martin’s Church, Radnor

Radnor, PA

Full Time

Send cover letter, resume, and OTM to:


Christ Church, Ithan, (CCI) and St. Martin’s Church, Radnor, (SMC) are small, family-friendly congregations in the heart of the mainline suburbs of Philadelphia. Separated by less than 2 miles, our parishes share a community, a history, and a common vision for the future. In this ever-changing world, our sense of church is changing too. We are not looking to cast aside that which brought us here, but we are committed to growing beyond our walls and finding new ways to love and serve God. This is what has brought us together in a Covenant for the future of our congregations, and the search for a shared Rector. If you are inspired by the opportunity to forge something new and have a vision, perhaps you are just the Rector we seek. If so, please send cover letter, resume, and OTM to:

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Laity Positions

PT Parish Administrator - St. John's Concord

St. John's Church, Concord

Part Time

Email resume and cover letter to:


Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

This is a Part Time position that will support the ministries of the Clergy and St. John’s Church by fulfilling the following duties and responsibilities:
• The Parish Administrator’s (PA’s) Church Office Hours will be 16 hours/week; the position is for 4days/week including Monday and Friday; schedule needs to be consistent between the hours of 9:30 am – 1:30 pm. (16 hours/week)
• Be the point of first contact in the church office and on telephone and email.
• Be friendly, personable, and willing to be of service.
• Prepare weekly worship bulletins, bi-monthly newsletters, occasional parish reports and other materials as assigned by the Parish Priest using Microsoft Office Suite.
• Maintain and update the parish master calendar.
• Work with the Bookkeeper to maintain ACS Technology parish directory.
• Assist Cemetery Committee with cemetery computer records.
• Be professional in showing discretion and confidentiality in handling pastoral materials and information.
• Work willingly with Vestry Wardens (i.e. Chairpersons of Parish Counsel) and the Parish Priest.
• Maintain and operate photocopier and other office equipment.
• Complete light book keeping tasks as requested by Treasurer and Finance Committee.
• Business casual clothing and appearance.
• Assist Parish Priest in maintaining weekly E-news communication through “Constant Contact.”
• Be point of contact for all use of church facilities and grounds.
• Maintain inventory and order liturgical, facility, and office supplies as needed staying within budget.
• Assist Parish Priest with maintaining and updating parish records and files.
Additional information:
• The PA will have High School Diploma or equivalent.
• The PA will complete and remain up to date on all required Safe Church training and background checks (required for working in a setting with children and youth)
• Paid time off for eight national holidays and several additional church holidays
• Five days paid time off after 1 year of employment
• The PA will have excellent computer and
communication skills
• This position is not accessible by public transportation
To Apply:
Email resume and cover letter to:

Church Sexton - Church of Saint Asaph

Church of Saint Asaph

Full Time


Position Summary:

This is a full-time position that encompasses the full range of sexton duties and responsibilities associated with an active parish church with a sizeable campus that contains a main church building, parish hall, Montessori school for young children (Bala House), rectory, small barn and graveyard. The position involves management of the buildings on the St. Asaph’s campus as well as of the exterior grounds and includes maintenance and janitorial duties. The duties and responsibilities of the sexton will range from daily janitorial duties for the church and parish hall to handyman repairs as needed throughout the St. Asaph’s campus to coordination and oversight of contractors engaged for building/campus maintenance, repair and improvements as well as for occasional landscaping and snow removal/treatment of steps and walkways. The position requires an individual with sufficient knowledge and skills in property maintenance to both personally undertake maintenance and repair activities as well as supervise contractors engaged for more significant projects. The position also requires an individual with excellent project management skills, with the ability to multi-task, the ability to work with minimal supervision while collaborating and communicating effectively and proactively with the Rector of the church and other church staff members. The compensation for this position will be offered either with housing (consisting of a small 2-bedroom apartment adjacent to the rectory on the church campus) or without housing.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Serve under the direction of the Rector and Property Chair and participate in staff meetings.

2. Provide janitorial services (trash removal and cleaning) daily (Monday through Sunday, depending on the usage of the church each week) throughout the church and parish hall of St. Asaph’s.

3. Lock up the St. Asaph’s buildings daily at night after the conclusion of any evening activities on campus.

4. Regularly inspect the church buildings and exterior property to identify maintenance needs – address those maintenance needs that do not require a contractor and coordinate with the Rector, the Parish Administrator and/or members of the St. Asaph’s property committee on maintenance needs that require a contractor. Regular inspection includes walking the campus grounds weekly to check for hazardous conditions, i.e. damaged trees, masonry, sidewalks, drug paraphernalia, vandalism and taking actions necessary to address the conditions. Also inspection of gutters and downspouts at least once per month and cleaning of gutters and downspouts as needed each spring and fall.

5. Update St. Asaph’s property chair weekly on property issues, prepare a monthly property report for the Vestry and an annual property report for St. Asaph’s Annual Parish Meeting.

6. Oversee and monitor contractors on site working on projects for St. Asaph’s. Coordinate with all contractors any facility maintenance, repair, upgrades needed. When necessary meet and accompany contractors/techs in campus buildings and grounds.

7. Make sure that St. Asaph’s is compliant with Township, State and Federal requirements for storm water management system, water back flow management, fire suppression system, emergency lighting/fire extinguishers, and battery back-up for emergency lighting.

8. Coordinate all property insurance claims with Saint Asaph’s insurance broker, have police file reports (when necessary) and meet with insurance adjusters.

9. Coordinate with St. Asaph staff and Bala House on any needed repairs/upgrades to property rented by Bala House.

10. Serve as the emergency contact for burglar/fire alarms companies.

11. Coordinate with Parish Administrator and/or members of the St. Asaph’s Vestry to order/purchase plates, paper towels, toilet paper, soap, trash bags and napkins for parish hall kitchen and bathroom as needed.

12. In event of snow, clear sidewalk in front of church and steps and walks around church and parish hall. All the walkways and steps should be salted sufficiently to avoid iciness and facilitate pedestrian access. During weekdays, snow removal must be done in morning to enable school that occupies parish hall to open. On Sundays, snow removal must be done in morning to enable church services to proceed.

13. Set up chairs and tables, if requested, for meetings and events; take down meeting set-ups after conclusion of events.

14. Ensure that property is reasonably maintained while outside groups use or rent it, and that property is left in the condition it was found in.

15. Prepare church sanctuary and parish hall for Sunday church services and any other weekday church services. Break down any set-ups after the conclusion of services. During summers, set up chairs and tables for outdoor services, as scheduled, and break down any set-ups after the conclusion of services.

16. Review of position will occur on a quarterly basis, with Rector having the right to terminate with 30 days notice and with 60 days notice to vacate church apartment, if chosen as a residence.

Experience and/or Skills Required:

1. Excellent handyman skills, including ability to perform basic carpentry and other routine building repairs, as well as experience painting and other basic maintenance.

2. Sufficient understanding and familiarity with plumbing, electrical, HVAC and roofing to oversee contractors engaged to undertake any work on the St. Asaph’s campus.

3. Ability to perform basic gardening, bush and tree trimming activities to the extent needed.

4. Strong project management and multi-tasking skills required.

5. Ability to use computer/Internet for purposes of communication with the Rector and other church staff members, parishioners and contractors. Ability to generate reports and other documents using computer.


As a staff member of the Church of St. Asaph, Sexton must be aligned with and supportive of St. Asaph’s efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and acceptance of individuals and couples of all genders, race or ethnicity, and sexual orientation. The Sexton serves at the direction of the Rector of St. Asaph’s and members of the Property Committee of St. Asaph’s. The Sexton must have the ability to function as an effective member of the staff of St. Asaph, including the ability to communicate effectively with the Rector and/or the Property Committee as well as the ability to respond to last minute requests for sexton services made by parishioners to the extent appropriate and the ability to sidestep and/or delay inappropriate requests that should be reported to the Rector and/or the Property Committee before being undertaken.

This is a full-time position, 40 hours per week. The actual work schedule will be developed in consultation with the sexton candidate who is selected for the role, based on the duties and responsibilities required for this position.


Salary to be negotiated based on candidate qualifications.

Housing in a small on-site apartment (2 bedrooms, 1 bath and kitchenette with parking and utilities included) is available for any sexton candidate who desires housing. In the event that the sexton candidate elects housing, the annual gross salary would be adjusted accordingly.

Health and benefits are available for any sexton candidate who requires health and benefits. The cost of health and benefits would reduce the annual gross salary accordingly (dollar for dollar).

To Apply:

For all inquires, please respond to

Church Organist -Grace Episcopal and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents St. Paul’s

Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church


Father Brian at


Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents Episcopal Church have recently called the Reverend Brian G. Rallison as their new rector for both parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. Father Brian is looking for a shared organist between the parishes. Music will be during two services (one at each church) with a few variations at Holy Innocents because they are doing a bilingual service in both English and Spanish.

A job description is as follows.

1. Services: Sunday Services are currently Morning Prayer at both parishes until Sunday, September 29, 2019. Thereafter, the services will shift to the Holy Eucharist. 9 am at Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation. 11 am at Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. We will review this schedule sometime at the end of September 2019 and the organist will be informed of the change, if any.

2. Current average Sunday attendance: Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation – 30 persons. Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – 45 persons. We anticipate that the average Sunday attendance will increase over the next few months because these parishes have not had a full-time cleric for the past two to three years.

3. Currently we have a choir director that is leading a choir of four persons at Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The organist will play the music for an anthem.

4. Currently there are no scheduled weekly rehearsals.

5. All Sundays. Additional church services that would sometimes be combined between both parishes. They would include, but are not limited to:
Christmas Eve – 5 pm and 11 pm
Evensong – Sometime during the Season of Advent
Maundy Thursday – 7 pm
Good Friday – 7 pm
The Great Vigil of Easter – Starting at sunset.

6. The organist will have the first option to play for special pastoral services (not limited to weddings, funerals, and so forth) for separate compensation. The fee arranges are made between the organist and the parties involved in said services.

7. Although the experience and assistance of choosing the hymnody is part of this ministry for the organist; as per the Canons of the Episcopal Church (111.5) the rector has the final authority in the administration of all matters pertaining to music. Choosing the hymns will be done in a face-to-face meeting for the first few weeks until the rector and organist understand each other musical styles. At that point, the music for future services can be chosen via email or a monthly face-to-face meeting. Currently, we are keeping the hymns selection unassuming, using hymns that are more familiar to the parishes.

8. The organs are as follows: Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation –Electric (We are in the process of collecting information that is more complete on this particular instrument). Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Rodgers Electric Model 599 with three manuals, lighting draw knobs console. You are more than welcome to inspect the instruments before you apply. Please call in advance to insure that someone will be there.

9. Pianos, equipment, and music. Each parish has an upright piano. The parishes are using The Hymnal 1982, Wonder, Love & Praise, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, and other hymnals approved by the Episcopal Church in both English and Spanish. The churches own some other sheet music. There is a budget for the music department; the rector must preapprove all purchases.

10. For this position the pay will start at $250 a week plus travel expenses at the IRS rate for travel between the two parishes.

To schedule an interview, please send your resume to Father Brian at If you have any other general questions or need any clarifications on the job description, please all Father Brian on his cell phone at 267-432-4224.

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