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Below is an overview on services and trainings provided by the diocese. Contact us for more information on any of these offerings. 


The diocesan has several initiatives in partnership with our churches aimed at starting house churches; helping immigrants and refugees; reimagining church property; providing job training for those who were incarcerated; providing mental health assistance through our deacons;  creating services for people with autism and caregivers; transforming Kensington; caring for animals; bringing art into our buildings; creating inclusive lanugage in our liturgy; and creating an ombudsman program for church music directors. You can see an overview here.  Contact us to get started. 


Diocesan Communications

  • Weekly Newsletter. You can sign up here. 

  • Annual Report. Sent to all churches in first quarter of year. To request a copy sent directly to you, go here. 

  • Caminos Magazine. Sent to all churches 1x a year.  To request a copy sent directly to you, go here. 

  • Clergy Facebook Page. To join, go here

  • Diocesan Facebook Page. Follow us here. 

  • Diocesan Instagram Account. Follow us here. 

  • Diocesan Twitter Account. Follow us here. 

  • Diocesan YouTube Account. Subscribe here.  


Church Health and Vitality


Training Initiatives

  • Serviam: An online platform that provides learning resources to equip and empower both our laity and clergy: 

  • Media Center: Committed to spreading the Gospel via technology, laity and clergy can receive training, tape, broadcast and troubleshoot issues. 


Clergy Transitions



  • Digital Disciples: A free program for churches which provides talent to assist with livestreaming, web site design and other communication needs/ 

  • Media Center: Committed to spreading the Gospel via technology, laity and clergy can receive training, tape, broadcast and troubleshoot issues.


Finance and Administration


Financial Aid

  • Aid to Theological Students Financial Fund: The Aid to Theological Students Fund Committee reviews applications for financial assistance and makes recommendations to the Bishop, who awards the grants. 

  • Christmas Fund (retired clergy & lay): The Christmas Fund provides grants to clergy canonically resident in the Diocese of PA who are disabled; the surviving spouses and orphans or other dependents of clergy; seminarians and self-supporting clergy and their dependents; and/or retired lay employees of the Diocese or its churches with five years full-time service.

  • Church Training and Deaconess House Scholarship: The Church Training and Deaconess House (CTDH) Scholarship exists to support women seeking to be ordained to the ministry or for a post-baccalaureate degree program which would further their lay ministry.

  • Clergy Daughter’s Fund: This assists canonically resident clergy in meeting the educational costs of their daughters in private school or college. At present, the fund yields $5,000 to about $10,000 per year.

  • Clergy Financial Aid (active clergy)

  • Continuing Education Grant: To encourage clergy, people employed by a parish or an agency of the diocese, and volunteer leaders in the Diocese of Pennsylvania to sharpen their skills and abilities for ministry.

  • Diocesan Council Program Grant: As part of the annual DIOPA Mission budget, funds are allocated for programs and ministries at the congregational level. This grant process is open to all churches. 

  • Diocesan Revolving Loan Fund (urgent capital repairs). Contact Person: Canon Doug Horner at

  • Education for Ministry Grant

  • Episcopal Church Women Domestic Mission Grants: Each year the Steering committee of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Pennsylvania distributes legacy gifts of our foremothers.  One of the designated categories is Domestic Mission, used entirely in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Each deanery is intentionally included in these grants. The grant is open to all women in the diocese. $1200 max grant amount.

  • Growth Development Fund (capital improvement to further ministry): A 5-year, $1.5M grant program. 

  • Technology Grant (equipment): Designed to provide our churches with the tools needed to pre-record and/or stream their services and ministries. These grants of up to $2,500 can be used to bring Internet into a space; or acquire/upgrade equipment used for virtual worship (cameras, lighting, microphones, software, etc.).

  • United Thank Offering Grants. Contact: Shirley Smith,  
  • United Thanks Offering Young  Adult Grant. For young adults and  Seminarians. Contact Person: Rev. Canon Heather Melton, UTO Staff Officer  at
  • Clergy Assurance Fund. For clergy.  Open Application or No Restrictions. Contact Person: Canon Shawn Wamsley at
  • Grants from TEC


Fundraising and Stewardship



  • Princess Basma Center (partnership):  The Bishop is the vice chair of a steering committee organized to raise much-needed funds for the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center, which is the church's ministry in Jerusalem for children with disabilities. 

  • Episcopal Church in Navajoland (partnership): In 2021, the diocese announced a partnership that “is more than funding or a companion relationship. Let’s envision where we go to Navajoland and learn.” 

  • Diocesan Global Mission Commission: The Global Mission Commission (GMC) was formed by act of the 2015 Diocesan Convention to inspire, educate, and support congregations and individuals within the Diocese to engage in the reconciling work of God in the world. 

  • Compass Rose Society (program): The Compass Rose Society is an international charitable organization supporting the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ministry in the global Anglican Communion. Bishop Gutiérrez serves as its president. 


Healthcare and Benefits from Church Pension Group (CPG)

  • Pension (clergy & lay)

  • Healthcare (clergy & lay)

  • Dental (clergy & lay)

  • Life (clergy & lay)

  • Short & Long Term Disability (lay)

  • Health Advocate (clergy & lay)

  • Employee Assistance Program(EAP) (clergy & lay)

  • Contact Canon Doug Horner for more information.



  • City of Philadelphia: In 2021, the diocese began a relationship with Philadelphia to create tiny homes for those that are unsheltered. 

  • Depaul House Ministry: Working with Depaul USA, a national homeless services nonprofit organization, the diocese provides housing for homeless college students at two of our churches. Contact Canon Smyth for more information.

  • Thistle Hills: Initially funded by the diocese, this sister organization to Thistle Farms, this organization provides women support, love, and resources to transform their lives and become part of the fabric of our community.


Human Resources



  • Episcopal Legal Aid: Initial funding from the diocese, this organization promotes access to justice by bringing pro bono civil legal services to low-income residents of Philadelphia and surrounding counties.




Mental Health/Wellbeing

  • Female Veterans Moral Injury Group: The diocese, in coordination with the Veterans Administration in Pennsylvania, created the nation's only group for female veterans living with moral injury.

  • Differently Abled: A diocesan commission devoted to lifting up resources for those that are differently abled. 

  • There is also a spiritual direction program for clergy.

  • Contact Canon Smyth for more information on all of the above.


Worship and Christian Formation 



  • Evensong Program: The diocese is lifting up Evensong across the churches. More. 


Ordination Process




Racial Justice and Repair






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