Friday, June 7th, 2024


1:00 pm – 1:10 pm


Across the region, see list

Toll the Bell

Toll the Bell is a year-long focus bringing greater awareness to the gun violence epidemic affecting our city and the entire country. Philadelphia has experienced historic increases in gun-related crime, claiming an unprecedented number of lives and bringing immeasurable pain and trauma to our communities. This endemic issue affects us all, but disproportionally impacts urban neighborhoods and people of color.

On June 7, churches and organizations across this region will ring bells or make other sounds for five minutes, simultaneously. These five minutes represent the one in five Americans who have had a family member killed by a gun.

The following churches in our diocese are participating:

  • St. Mary's, 36 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA.  
  • St. Peter's, 654 N. Easton Road, Glenside, PA.
  • Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, 19 S 38th St.
  • Calvary-St. Augustine Episcopal Church, 814 N 41st St., Phila. 
  • St. Mary's Church, Hamilton Village,  3916 Locust Walk, Phila.
  • Church of St. James the Less | 3227 W Clearfield St., Phila. 
  • Christ Church, 20 N American St., Phila.  
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity, 1904 Walnut St., Phila.
  • The Church of Saint Asaph, 27 Conshohocken State Rd, Bala Cynwyd
  • Church of the Good Shepherd | 1116 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr

Sound has been used for centuries to alert communities of danger and to call neighbors together to share moments of reflection, worship, or celebration. Truly, no city in America is more connected to the imagery, history, and symbolism of the bell than Philadelphia. Toll the Bell is not a profile of tragedy, but rather a sonic disruption that serves as a call to action, a warning, and an invitation to Philadelphians to stop and reflect on our fellow citizens who have lost their lives, and to learn more about this urgent issue.  To date, this is the largest community-wide event to support National Gun Violence Awareness Day in the city.

Take five minutes on Friday, June 7 to listen, visit a partner site to reflect, pray, or honor our fellow citizens who have been victims in whatever way is meaningful to you.