The Open Palm - Exploring the Ancient Spiritual Tool of Fasting - St. Christophers, Gladwyne (2/26/24)


Monday, February 26th, 2024


10:00 am – 11:00 am


St. Christopher's, Gladwyne

226 Righters Mill Road

Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 19035

United States

One of the most ancient spiritual tools that is used across religions and cultures is fasting. Jesus himself used fasting as a way to prepare for his ministry, and his 40-day fast in the wilderness is the basis for the Christian season of Lent. The benefits of fasting range from mental clarity and physical healing to spiritual growth and are celebrated in the religious and scientific communities alike. Indeed, the Biblical tradition sees it as a key tool for shedding the old life and embracing a life of justice, charity, and joy. Yet, to our modern sensibilities, going without food or a beloved comfort (for non-food related fasts) can seem strange and “old-fashioned.” Why should we make ourselves miserable when life can already seem hard?

This workshop seeks to answer that very question. In our 5-part journey, we'll examine the biblical tradition of fasting and give you some modern tools to help you engage in this embodied prayer practice. Participants can expect to feel challenged with this oft-neglected topic but also supported and uplifted as we grow in our spirituality.

Topics include:

Exploring different kinds of fasts (including several ways to fast from food or non-food related fasts) & choosing the kind of fast that’s right for you

Native American fasting as a form of spiritual healing

Fasting’s role in the mystic path (with particular attention given to women mystics of the faith)

Biblical models of fasting

The scientific benefits of fasting

Building and living your fasting plan

Guided Meditations

Community discussions for support and fellowship

5 Live Classes on Zoom on Mondays in Lent from 10:00AM-11:00AM, February 19th - March 18th, 2024

Can't make it in-person? No problem! Replays will be posted to the course page in Membership within a few days of each session.

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder. This class will involve conversations around food and emotions. This may be difficult for those who struggle with disordered eating. Please know this class will include options for NON-FOOD-related fasts and will be sensitive to these issues.