Wednesday, April 6th, 2022


11:00 am – 12:00 pm



Health Committee

Join the diocese's Health Committee for its next meeting!

The mind, body and soul are all connected. One affects the others as one unit.  We often live in silence regarding our mental health issues, physical health ailments, compassion fatigue as a caregiver, overall decline in wellbeing to prevent burdening others. The Health Committee seeks to address issues that cause many of us to live in silence about our whole health (healthcare inequity, lack of education, awareness, feelings of isolation, access, etc ).

If you have life experience or professional experience in the mental/behavioral health fields or physical health fields (i.e. autism services, nurse, physician, psychologist, therapist, public health, caregiver, social worker, etc), consider joining us.

Health Committee Vision: We are a community dedicated to healing and recovery in the face of physical and mental illness, and trauma. We will spread God’s message of love, comfort and peace, seeking to bring spiritual renewal, healthy mind and body and fullness of life to all people.

Health Committee Mission: We seek to grow in knowledge and service, advocating the best care for all who struggle with mental illness.

  • We seek to be companions, sharing the journey with those who struggle with mental illness, and supporting caregivers, families and friends.
  • We seek to be centers of education and resources.
  • We seek to build a caring community with other congregations, organizations and care partners.
  • We seek to advocate for healthcare equity for all.


The next meeting will be April 6th at 11am via zoom. Those looking to join should email Canon Toneh Smyth,