Christianity 101 Online Educational Experience


Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020


10:00 am – 10:15 am



Christianity 101 provided by St. David's

St. David's Episcopal Church announces a new educational video series entitled Christianity 101: Being a Christian at Home and in the World. Designed for in-home learning, study and discussion, the 7-10 minute segments will guide viewers in an exploration of 10 key topics of Christianity including the history and study of the Bible, Baptism, Holy Communion, understanding the Christian calendar and what being a Christian means in our current times.

The initial episode of Christianity 101 is slated to air the week of June 22, with subsequent episodes posted each week through mid-August. The program is open to the public and can be accessed weekly via the Christianity 101 link provided on St. David's Website and by visiting St. David's Episcopal Church on Facebook each Tuesday morning. Additionally, all episodes will be archived on St. David's YouTube page (St. David's Episcopal Church Radnor). Although the segments are pre-recorded, viewers may request participation in small interactive virtual discussion groups following each week's airing.