Bread for the Journey: Pilgrimage with the Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook


Thursday, November 12th, 2020


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm



Bread for the Journey

This event is led by the Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook. See her bio below.

When lived with intention, all of life can be a sacred journey. For some, pilgrimage means to journey to a place where holiness is apparent, or where divine and human encounter took place. Some describe the experience as a search for spiritual depth or moral significance, while others are on a search for a path toward freedom or peace. Some pilgrims are directed toward specific destinations, such as a dwelling place of a saint, or a holy place that evokes prayer and reflection, or the site of a significant life event. For others, the passage is symbolic of the journey of a soul to God, and primarily an inward experience of alternative sacred geography. Still others describe pilgrimage as a threshold experience that points to a new reality, or a process of inner transformation. Our time togther will explore these different aspects of pilgrimage as a spiritual practice integral to the human journey. This 1.5 hour session is open to the entire diocese as an opportunity to reflect and renew on our journey together.

About the Rev. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook

The Rev. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook is a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, a religious historian, teacher, retreat leader, spiritual director, and practical theologian. She is currently vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty, and professor of practical theology at Claremont School of Theology and professor of Anglican Studies at Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont. She is the former academic dean and Suzanne Radley Hiatt professor of feminist pastoral theology and church history at the Episcopal Divinity School. She serves on the boards of the Journal for Interreligious Dialogue and the Kalediscope Institute; she is also book review editor for the journals, Anglican & Episcopal History, Anglican Theological Review, and is a board member of the Journal of Religious History. Active in the interreligious movement, Kujawa-Holbook is a fellow of the Christian Leadership Institute sponsored by the American Jewish Committee and the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, Israel. She is an associate of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kujawa-Holbrook lives in California with her husband Paul, daughter Rachel, and cats Xander and Brady.