Bread for the Journey: Epiphany Refugee Pilgrimage


Thursday, January 21st, 2021


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm



Bread for the Journey

(Pre-registration is required to receive a Zoom link. Email Celeste Fisher,, to receive the link.)

The season of Epiphany marks a time of journey, illumination, and the manifestation of God as a child of refugees. As a diocese in 2021, we will be walking a different kind of pilgrimage this year: a journey of inner illumination to discover where God is manifest among us today. This year-long journey begins with our first virtual pilgrimage in Epiphany. Recalling the holy family’s flight to Egypt, we will enter the sacred story of scripture and our own lives to share stories of migration, immigration, hope, fear, and flight. Exploring the experience of refugee families today invites us to wonder: what welcome would the holy family receive if they arrived as refugees in our diocese today? How has immigration and migration shaped our life as a diocese?  What inner transformation are we called to make as followers of the Christ child?


The pilgrimage will be co-led by:

Mr. Jonah Eaton, Esq., Supervising Attorney at the Nationalities Service Center 

The Rev. Canon Hilary Greer, Rector of St. Andrew’s Yardley and Canon for Education and Renewal

The Rev. Canon Betsy Ivey, Canon for Support and Growth

Ms. Carolyn Lyday, Spiritual Director and retired teacher of World Religions


About Bread for the Journey

"Bread for the Journey" is a monthly series offered to all in our diocese to provide a time to connect in community, tune our souls to the promise and presence of God right here and now, and take in the spiritual food that can give us strength for our journey in this COVID time. This series is being offered as a gift by our bishop, so is free and open to all. Pre-registration is required to receive a Zoom link. Email Celeste Fisher,, to receive the link.