The Episcopal Diocese’s Letter to President Trump

We have received an overwhelming response to this letter.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we continue to walk in the path of anti-violence and anti-hate in all forms.  This means all types of violence against one another; on the streets, against public safety officers, and against those who differ from our own individual political beliefs and parties.  We are called to be One.  We reject all violence and call on all elected officials, Christians and Americans to do the same.

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Dear President Trump,

We are the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. We value our commonwealth’s heritage as the birthplace of the United States of America founded on the principles of equality and justice for all. As our new President, we want you to know that we are now praying and will continue to pray for you. We will pray for you in our liturgy, churches and homes. We are the Bishop, Clergy, and Laity of the Diocese. We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other “political” parties. We comprise a cross section of America; we are a variety of political beliefs and opinions. We are those who voted for you and those who did not. Although we are diverse, we share in an unshakable common faith in the transformative and life-giving power of Jesus Christ.

As you are a professed follower of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we believe you have empathy in your heart and want the best for our nation and the people of the United States. Thus, we ask that you affirmatively and unequivocally condemn any instance of hate, violence, intimidation, harassment, aggression against any of our brothers and sisters with whom we share this country. We are asking that this be done through a public pronouncement.

President Trump, we want you to publicly condemn violence, acts of hate or aggression against women, minorities, the poor, disabled, veterans, the unemployed, immigrants, those of different religions and beliefs, those who are gay, transgender, or the working poor. While the words of division used during this campaign caused deep angst and pain, we believe in redemption and goodness. Thus, we seek your voice. This is not policy pronouncement nor a political statement. It is a covenant with the people of our nation.

We are Christians that recite a baptismal covenant to pray, resist evil, repent and return to the Lord. We proclaim by word and example the Good News of Jesus Christ and seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbor as ourselves. We strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being. As our President, we ask you do the same.

As followers of Jesus Christ in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, we will pray for you. We will pray that God will bless you, protect you, and give you wisdom, patience, discernment, health, and love. We will pray for each member of your family. We will pray for your cabinet and your administration. We also need your voice. Stand against hate and discrimination.

This is who we are as Americans of whom you are the President. Each day we will pray for you; and if the declaration we have hopefully asked of you has not been made, we will continue to pray for you and for our country. However, we will seek the voices of our brothers and sisters of all races, religions, and belief to join us in this request.
President Trump the time is now and while we pray, we await your voice.
The Rt. Revd. Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez
XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley
Deborah Stambaugh
James Stambaugh
The Rev. Deacon Karen Kamaskis
Fr. Ian Montgomery
Suzanne Gutiérrez
The Rev. Timothy Safford
The Rev. Michael Ruk
The Rev. Jon Clodfelter
The Rev. Mariclair Partee
The Rev. Samuel Murangi
The Rev. Michael Rau
The Rev. Dean Judith Sullivan
The Rev. Deacon Phil Geliebter
The Rev. Kirk Berlenbach
The Rev. Anne Thatcher
The Rev. Frank Allen
The Rev. Dr. Martini Shaw
Patricia Smith
Aaron Skrypski
The Rev. Catherine D. Kerr
The Rev. Deacon Ken McCaslin
The Rev. Dr. Hillary Raining
The Rev. Maryjo Melberger
The Rev. Deacon Pat Rubenstein
Eric Rabe
Norm McCausland
The Rev. Harry White
David E. Griffith
Marcia L. Hinton
Vicki Ellis
The Rev. Henry Galganowicz
The Rev Anne Ritchings
Karen Lash
The Rev. Gregory M. Wilson
Andrew P. Phillips
The Reverend Nancy Hauser
The Rev. Deacon Joseph Dietz
Karen Givnish
The Rev. Dr. Thomas Eoyang, Jr.
The Rev. Dr. Mary Ann Mertz
The Rev. David Robinson
Jane M. Kamp
The Rev. Terence C. Roper
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth J. Wissler
The Rev. Judith L.T. Beck
Rick Alexander
The Rt. Rev. Allen Bartlett
Jan Berry Schroeder
Phyllis B. Cater
Fr. Ryan R. Whitley
Fr. Richard Datos-Robÿn
John D. Teel
Cathy Sierra
Gloria Rhone Stewart
Kim Shiley
The Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews
Neville E. Strumpf
Anita Friday
George Vosburgh
Kathy S. Truesdale
Suzie Kerr Laborda
Cara Valente-Compton
Peter Datos-Robyn
Matthew Dayton-Welch
The Rev. Monica Whitaker
Melissa Rau
The Rev. Lloyd H. Winter
The Rev. Emmanuel Williamson
The Rev. Thomas McClellan
The Rev. Betsy S. Ivey
The Rev. James H. Littrell
The Rev. David Morris
Deacon Lynn Czarniecki
The Rev. Tim Gavin
The Rev. Marlene Haines
The Rev. Adam Kradel
Barbara Tobin
Barbara Dundon
The Rev. Lori Exley
Ken Eiker
The Rev. Donna Maree
The Rev. Carl E. Metzger
Mary T. Clark
The Rev. Kathy Andonian
Greg Williams
Samuel Frenkel
The Very Rev. Emily Richards
The Rev. John Kimball
Barbara Kimball
The Rev. Sarah Hedgis
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Dilliplane
The Rev. Lisa Keppeler
Betsy Crowell
The Rev. Jeffrey Moretzsohn
Dale Cleary
Tina Hogan
Micah Brunner
Karen L. Dinger
Kristen Ostendorf
The Rev. Samuel K. Ndungu
Geoff Middleton
The Rev. Canon Dr. Peter Stube
The Reverend Dr. Bradley S. Hauff
John Schneider
Karen Fox-Schneider
Richard Pearce
Kathleen Pearce
Mark Klinger
J.D. Lafrance
Kristen Kelly
The Rev. Dr. Tim Griffin
The Rev. Gerald S. Collins
The Rev. Robin Smith
Ann N. Greene
Bob Mikrut
Ken Garner
Kristen Craig
Penelope C. Cutler
William W. Cutler, III
Doug Magee
The Rev. Sandra L. Etemad
Elizabeth B. Green
Dr. Thomas Lloyd
Maureen Higgins
The Rev. Deacon Joan Wylie
Jenna Linke
Dr. Elaine Sonnenberg
The Rev. Lynn Hade
Jennie Paddy
Rachael Oram Stube
Jan Oliver
The Rev. E. Clifford Cutler
Amy Cutler
Marsha Elliott Hill
Edward R. Hill
Dina L. Harvey
Carol A. Enos
The Rev. Beth W. Hixon
Helen Warner
Paul Atlee
Kevin Daugherty Hook
Laura Spivey
Janet G. Puente
Glenna Geiger
Dana Hall
Nikkie Gloria Rhone Stewart
Eloise Gift
George Salazar
Antonette Salazar
Kristina Marchuk
Terry Moore Sr.
Mary Keehfuss-Calvanese
Mary Catherine Bluder
Matt Webster
Vicki Cox
Carol Christian
Andrew Coonradt
Jan Myers Knight
Michael Knight
Martha Wenke Keenan
The Rev. Marjorie K. Oughton
The Rev. Dee Faison
Kate Madeira Farrow
Rich Farrow
Charles A. Ernst
Mary Ernst
Mary Anne Noon
Dina Carter Ishler
Patrick Ishler
Linda Dovalina Anders
The Rev. Dennis Reid
Vincent Giancaterino
Michael Coburn
Randy Elliott Coburn
Ivy Mae Manning Horsfall
Sara Campbell
Aimee Quinn
Jeannene Ziegler
Karen Higgins
Terry Brubaker Ullman
Earlene J. Austin
Stroud Hellebusch
Sarah Kate K. Lohmann
The Rev. Tim Steeves
Deborah Steeves
Walter Liefeld
Judy Liefeld
Jere Bricker
Katie Webb
Rev Pope
Liz Wendt
The Rev. Dr. Bud Holland
Martha Ann Holland
Ann W. Kane
Peter Kane
Paul E. Reese
The Rev. Mary McCullough
Carlia Miller
Sara W. Shick
The Ven. Dr. Pamela Nesbit
John Andrew Bailey
Kristina Baumli
Alan Willcox
John McLaughlin
Treva McLaughlin
Ann Howard
Luis Robateau
Daniel Weatherholt
Beti Schwartz Thomashefsky
Cheryl Hair
Pat Newman
Carolyn Newman
Diane Eyre DeMar
Sally Edwards Willits
Carol Williamson
The Rev. Randy Williamson
Rosanne DeFelippo
Nelson Martin
Judith Jenkins
Susan Mary Malone
Janet Austin Ross
James Russell Ross
Gloria Penn-Easton
Mark Butler
Vickie Koehler Averhoff
The Rev. Vinnie Lainson
Juanita Trujillo
Marilyn Dixon
Dave Dixon
Karen Reid
Sharon Webster
The Rev. Claire Burkat
Juli Reddy
John Underwood
The Rev. Dr. Marjorie Keiter
Agnes Wozniak
Justin E. Crawford
Amy Crawford
Dolores Griego
Cheryl Sparks
Bradford Smith
Barbara Chilcott
Tad Pound
Brandy Scombordi-Raghu
The Rev. Carol Duncan
Marti Wilson
The Rev. Dr. James L. Ley
The Rev. Deacon J. Robin Robb
The Rev. Arthur Brunner
Joan Brunner
The Rev. Dr. Samuel Adu Andoh
Kurt Brunner
The Very Rev. Deirdre Whitfield
Dr. Todd B. Brown
The Rev. Jarrett Kerbel
Charles Dell
Elizabeth Dell
The Rev. Keith Marsh
Janet Gilman
Elizabeth Alvino
Jonathan Sutton
Burt Blackburn
Maria Leal
Nancy Fogarty
The Rev. Sherry Deets
Julie Daye
The Rev. Kevin Dellaria
Peggy Buescher
Jerome Buescher
Louis Steffenhagen
Susan MacBride
Angelita May
Cordelia Biddle
Benjamin Bell
Stephen B. Heimann
Monika Hemmers
Doreen J. Mills
James Adams
Mark Brasington
Susan LaRosa
Patricia Shields
Michelle Stawicki
Julie Snarski
Peace Baxter
Clelland N. Green
Nora Adelmann
Amanda Smoot
Jane Wilson
Clifford Lash
Tamika Rodriguez
Theodore Rodriguez
Suzanne Campbell
The Rev. John R. Wallace
Patricia Donnelly
Amy Allen
Joanne Priem
William Lowden
Laney Vogt
The Rev. Charles Messer
Jessica Davis
Bob Anderson
Judy O’Neill
Barbara Broadbent
James Pope
Doug Rorapaugh
Lesley Mortimer
Christina Nord
Caroline Oakes
Keith Dodd
Edward Burdzy
Karen Parker
Barbara Kroberger
Christine Parker
Joseph Madison
Cicely Murray
William Miller
Rose Dodd
The Rev. Stephen Snider
The Rev. Deacon Donna Barr
Gail Johnson
Barbara Harvey
Reid McCarthy
William Jacobs
Mike Jacobs
Robin Prestage
Laura-Jean Prestage
Robert Gross
Alfeia DeVaughn Goodwin
Peg Kleppinger
Cynthia Spadaro
Chris Bishop
Judith Madison
Wendy Brumbaugh
Jill LaRoche Wikel
Paul Harris
Richard Schultz
Douglas Sherwood
Martha Hewson
Lisa Moore
Dana Toedtman
Frances Upshaw
Jill McNish
Bella Englebach
Sue Reilly
The Rev. Michael Giansiracusa
Doris Rajagopal
Allyson Ross
Arthur Sudler
Lupe Summers
John Summers
Jane Kopas
Belinda G. Ash
Sarann Class Foster
Donald Carl Foster
The Rev. Paul Briggs
Allison Duncan
John Sosnowski
Margaret Kerr
Patricia Cashman
Stacey Carmody
Frances Ann Wilson
Carol Estornell
Ronnie H. Collins
Linda Holmes
Susan Folk
Janet Folk
The Rev. Canon James Von Dreele
Dereck Baxter
David Rivers
Elizabeth Rivers
The Rev. Patricia A. Oglesby
Charlene Wiltshire
The Rev. Nazareno Javier
Kevin Miller
Jonathan Scott
Ken Oakes
Robert Rachal
Denise LeGendre
Peter Ryker
Victoria Sicks
Shana Kaplanov
Jonathan Adams
The Rev. Carol Anthony
David Taylor
Denise LeGendre
Penelope Paul
The Rev. Barbara Kelley
Gerald McCann
The Rev. Marlee Norton
Phyllis Drackley
Pamela Thaxter
Richard Limoges, MD
Christine Broome
Glenn Matis
Barbara Billings
Cheryl Masterman
Julia Schroeder
Agnes Wozniak
Swanie Goldsmith
Ed Shiley
Angeliqué Israel
David Kasievich
Carolyn Hankerson
Janet Hartzell
Joan Cesare
Jose De Jesus
Barbara Thornton
Belinda G Ash
James Sicks
The Rev. Dr. John Luttrell
Mary Hobart
R. Muriel Rains
Cheryl Werkiser
Sandra Suprenuk
Jocelyn Tenney
Dennis Lloyd
Doug Anderson
David Sams
Richard Limoges
Jane Cosby

Colin Johnstone
Russell Elliott
Rebecca Lauer

Erin Rath
Jane Banning
Edward Black
Christopher Donald
Edith Schmeltzer

Lydia R. Barringer
Barry Harte

Harriet Kollin
Carol A. Blum
Thomas O’Neal

David Rivers
Rita Kimani
Renee McKenzie
The Rev. Peter Carey
Sherrie Tatman
Warren Wanlund
Nancy McLaughlin
The Rt. Rev. Edward Lee
David Sams
Michael Newman
Jane Spencer
Susan Burson
The Rev. Daniel T. Moore
Kent Hughes
Jane McKinney
Julie Sudler
Andrew Kline
Marcia Wilkinson
Rowland Wilkinson
Jay Hummel
Angelique Guido
Frank Toia
Donna Lima-Monteiro
Jo Ann Jones
Pam Hallow
Joanne Burns
Fr. Cesar Ramirez
Gillian Waldron
Jen Tucker
Janet De Caprio
Dominick De Caprio