Picture Our members serve at schools, churches, and social service agencies across Philadelphia. These positions are full time, volunteer experiences that offer meaningful experiences to our members. Some members of the program serve as Volunteer Coordinators, making sure our social service agency partners have enough people power to do their work. Others serve at schools, providing support in the classroom as Instructional Assistants or coordinate afterschool programs. Others serve at area churches or with the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, helping faith communities connect more deeply with their neighbors.

Members also live in intentional, Christian community where they process these experiences with housemates. Community life is built around Servant Year’s Common Rule of Life for the duration of their service year.  

Picture Formation Meetings                                                                      

Our intent is to have Formation Fridays where all members gather in the afternoon for prayer, reflection and conversation. We process the demands of our work and a life of simplicity by sharing our joys and concerns. The focus is on where we are finding God in the world as we discern the direction our lives are being called.p

Community Dinners 

The Community House  gathers for at least one community meal each week.  These are prepared together by all members of the house. Some times members choose to rotate meal prep among themselves especially when schedules are hectic. Once a month there is also a house meeting to discuss maintenance issues and community needs.  

Picture Speaker Series

The first week of every month we gather to hear about the month’s theme from an individual or panel. The cohort will finalize the year’s theme during orientation. The intention is to learn about Inter-spirituality and the New Monastics. This movement is gaining legs as a way for individuals to lead lives with a spiritual practice while being fully engaged in the world. Past topics have included: community, self care, vocation/work, nonprofit leadership, discerning a call to ordained ministry, financial health, and restoration.

Picture Mentors

Each member is linked with a mentor to support them throughout their year in the program. These mentors may serve in the career field the member is interested in exploring, or have faith practices about which the member would like to learn more.

Picture Prayer Partners 

During orientation week, each member is assigned a Prayer Partner from the Diocese for the upcoming year. Prayer Partners primarily provide informal support by sharing prayer requests. They may choose to meet monthly or more frequently particularly during times when prayer is needed.

Picture Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Directors are available for members to use and will be assigned during orientation. One may also be appointed by the program to provide group spiritual direction for members as needed.  These conversations whether personal or in a group setting provide members a space to reflect on how God’s voice may be heard in their lives.

Picture Members go on three retreats throughout their year in the program: opening, mid-year, and closing. These retreats are time away from the program providing rest and rejuvenation for the members. These are facilitated by clergy from the diocese and are based on a theme or text, such as Life Together.