Safe Church Training

New PA Law Requires Criminal Background Checks for Children and Youth Workers

To learn more about the new Pennsylvania Law please go to:


Province III Social Media Guidelines

Province III Social Media Guidelines

Safe Church Manual

Download the Safe Church Manual [updated 05-03-2010]

The Diocese of Pennsylvania and the Episcopal Church recognize the potential for harm when a priest, lay employee or volunteer engage in sexual exploitation, harassment or abuse in one of our churches or institutions.

Thus, we, like most Episcopal dioceses, have produced a manual which includes suggestions for safe ways of interacting with children, youth and adults, ways that respect the dignity of the other.

Also included are diocesan policies intended to keep the church a safe place, and appendices with sample forms for reference and background checking when hiring a church employee or engaging a volunteer.

The title of the manual is “Keeping God’s People Safe”. On the cover is a picture of red doors, a symbol that inside is a safe place, a place of sanctuary. It speaks to our commitment to keeping our churches places of safety and respect for all who come through our doors.


Safe Church Administrator’s Training

The diocesan Safe Church Training program is now fully online. In order for your parish to participate, a Safe Church Training Administrator needs to be designated for your parish to authorize access to the program and track your parish’s data.

Training sessions will be done as telephone conference calls and take less than an hour.

This training will be for Administrators only and is not Safe Church Training for staff or volunteers. Once a designated Administrator has taken the training, anyone in your parish can take the Safe Church Training in the convenience of their own home at their own pace. Administrators will be able to track progress and completion of the program for individuals who participate. Administration of this program is simple, straightforward, and does not require previous data base experience.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at:

Henry Carnes
Director of Education and Communications
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
215-627-6434 ext. 110