Nominations for Diocesan Elections

Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Nominations for the 2019 Diocesan Convention are open from August 1st  until October 2nd .  A list of nominees can be found here

Nominations can be made by logging into the DIOPA Member 365 and clicking on "Form", and then selecting "Noimination Form 2019".

Below is a listing of open positions for the 2019 Diocesan Conventionand links for more information on what these committees, commissions and organizations do.

Board of Trustees:                         3 clergy, 6 lay

Church Foundation:                      2 clergy, 8 lay

Christmas Fund                                       2 lay

General Convention Deputy:  4 clergy, 4 lay

Disciplinary Board:                        4 clergy, 2 lay

Nominations:                                     2 clergy, 2 lay

Standing Committee                 1 clergy, 1 lay 

Wellness Commission:                1 clergy, 1 lay


If you have questions about nominations, please contact the Rev. Peter Carey, chair of the Nominations Committee,

If you have questions about Member 365, please contact Mark Davis,   

List of open positions for nominations - 2019.