Nominations for 2020 Diocesan Election

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

A few images from the 2019 diocesan convention.

Nominations for the 2020 Diocesan Convention are open from August 1st  until October 2nd . 

Nominations can be made by logging into DIOPA Member 365 and clicking on "Form", and then selecting "Nomination Form 2020".

Below is a listing of open positions for the 2020 Diocesan Conventionand links for more information on what these committees, commissions and organizations do.

Board of Trustees:                                1 clergy, 3 lay

Church Foundation:                            1 clergy, 4 lay

Christmas Fund                                   2 lay

General Convention Alternate:   4 clergy, 4 lay

Disciplinary Board:                              4 clergy, 2 lay

Nominations:                                           2 clergy, 2 lay

Wellness Commission:                      1 clergy, 1 lay

Church Attorney:                                    1 lay


If you have questions about nominations, please contact the co-chairs of the Nominations Committee:

Dr. Evelyn Partridge at and

The Rev. Jim Littrell at,


If you have questions about Member 365, please contact Mark Davis,