New Mission Process Approved


Throughout the Episcopal Church the term “mission church” holds many meanings. In the Diocese of Pennsylvania, it refers to churches that are part of the Diocesan Coalition for Mission and Ministry (DCMM). Program Designated as far back as the 1980s, these congregations are dedicated to serving poor and vulnerable persons and focus their ministries on issues such as education, hunger, addiction and advocacy.

These are success stories of the DCMM program across the Diocese – community outreach programs, new programs for youth, meal ministries thriving for 30 years, among others. Unfortunately, the DCMM program has not always been thoroughly understood or appreciated. In 2017, Bishop Gutiérrez and Diocesan Council convened the Mission Process Committee to thoroughly examine the program and lay out ways that would allow for greater transparency and more support. This past Saturday, Council approved a new Mission Process, which can be read here and here.