First Round of GDF Grants Announced

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

During my pilgrimage to the churches in the Diocese, it was clear that a number of congregations needed small to medium capital improvements in order to expand their capacity for ministry, hospitality, and community engagement.   


It was also clear that no program existed to address these needs. The Growth Development Fund (GDF) provides a way to deal with building and maintenance issues that get in the way of ministry.  


We have $1.5M invested in the program. In this first year, we are awarding $30,000 to 10 congregations. The GDF program will disburse funds for another four years, with the goal of ultimately impacting 50 congregations across the Diocese.


A committee of six laypeople and two Diocesan staff spent many hours reviewing 47 grant applications based on the urgency of the need and the potential impact on a congregation's life and ministry. The applications were extraordinary and describe the great ministry occurring in this Diocese.


For those churches who did not receive grants in this round - or those that did not submit an application - we are moving up next year's application date with disbursement by February 1, 2019. Please feel free to reach Canon Horner, , with questions regarding the next round of funding.


These efforts reflect what you asked of the next bishop in this diocese: someone with "a readiness for building the future." Together, we are building the church. Together, we are changing the world through Jesus Christ.


Know Jesus. Change the world.