2023 Convention Recap

Thursday, October 26th, 2023

2023 Convention Eucharist

“Let us do the scandalous things God is demanding of us.”

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Bishop’s Award

The following people were recognized for their service to the diocese.

  • Roberta Torian
  • Karen Ragland
  • The Rev. Tim Safford


Honorary Canons

The following people were named honorary “canons for life” in recognition of their service to this diocese.

  • The Rev. Frank Allen
  • Al Dandridge
  • The Rev. Betsy Ivey
  • The Rev. Arlette Benoit Joseph
  • The Rev. Tim Safford
  • The Very Rev. Judith Sullivan



The Rev. Emmanuel Williamson served as Judge of Elections for convention and  Steve Chawaga served as Parliamentarian.  Henry Njenga was appointed Secretary and named John Wallace as Assistant Secretary of the 2023 Convention. Thank you to the diocese’s postulants who helped register people for convention and provide support; and our digital disciples who helped with any voting issues.


The Bishop’s Address

“Let us do the scandalous things God is demanding of us.”  The Bishop laid out some of the work the Offices of the Diocese are doing to support our churches and communities (watch an overview here) and implored those listening to “let us trust God and step into the unknown. To be that gritty and messy church.” He spoke about the difference between belonging and welcoming.  “What if the Church becomes a place where prostitutes, tax collectors and all the so-called lepers…find a place of belonging in our churches.” He spoke of the need to free ourselves from the administrative burdens of our churches and said the church needed to “undergo a profound reform…or no one will come to our churches…we must live the Incarnation.”


Resolutions (you can read more about these in the LiveBinder)

  • The 2024 budget (RBUD-2024)passed.
  • A resolution (RB-2024) to approve 2024 clergy compensation (RB-2024) passed.
  • A resolution (R-4) to have diocesan convention conform to actual practice (R-4) passed.
  • A resolution (R-5) to refer to General Convention a resolution concerning discriminatory rule over Palestinians in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories did not pass.
  • In response to the Bishop’s address, a resolution (R-6) to inform and enable clergy and laity to respond to substance use disorders manifest in the diocese and communities passed.
  • In response to the bishop’s address, a resolution (R-7) stating that the 240th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania joins with Archbishop Hosam Naoum, Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, in condemning all acts of violence and killings, and calling us to advocate for a just and comprehensive peace for all living for all who live there was passed.


Board of Trustees

The following people were elected:

  • The Rev. Ernie Galaz
  • The Rev. Richard Morgan
  • Jimmie Reed
  • Gregory Maughan


Church Foundation

The following people were ratified to recommend to the TCF Board:

  • The Rev. Dr. Chaz Howard
  • The Rev. George Master
  • Kathy Guerin
  • James Pope
  • Jimmie Reed
  • Kathleen Stephenson


Disciplinary Board

The following people were elected:

  • The Rev. Paul Gitimu
  • The Rev. Timothy A. Johnson
  • The Rev. Dr. Mike Sowards
  • Joshua Castano
  • Dale Cranmer
  • Jay Newlin


Nominations Committee

The following people were elected:

  • The Rev. Patricia Cashman
  • The Rev. Kevin Dellaria     
  • The Rev. Andrea Gardner  
  • John Wallace


Christmas Fund

The following people were elected to serve:

  • Rosemary (Penny) Baroli
  • Karen Ragland


Commission on Wellness

The following people were elected:

  • The Rev. Carol Anthony
  • The Rev. Rob Baldwin
  • Rosemary (Penny) Baroli


General Convention Deputy

The following people were elected to represent the diocese at the General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 2024.  

  • The Rev. Andrea Gardner
  • The Rev. Kristen Ostendorf
  • The Rev. Emily Zimbrick-Rogers (clergy alternate)
  • Roberta Griffin Torian (Esq.) (lay alternate)
  • John R. Wallace (lay alternate)
  • The Rev. Beth Hollingshead (clergy alternate)
  • The Rev. Samuel Murangi (clergy alternate)
  • The Rev. Ben Capps (clergy alternate)


Standing Committee

The following people were elected:

  • The Rev. Michael Ruk
  • Liz Wendt


Church Attorney

The following person was elected:

  • Deborah Stambaugh