2022 Convention Recap

Monday, November 7th, 2022

Seal of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Friday Night Service

The 239th meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania began on Friday night with Eucharist at The Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral.  At the end of the service, the Bishop’s Award for outstanding service to the diocese was presented to Alice Brown for her work on the Anti-Gun Violence Commission and to the family of Rev. John Symonds to honor his legacy and continue his good works.

Saturday Convention

Bishop’s Address: Before his address, the Bishop shared a video on the beauty of this revolutionary diocese.  You can watch it here. You can also watch his address - “The beauty of Jesus has the power to transform the world" on our YouTube page.  

Budget:  After 12 budget meetings across the diocese in the past nine months, the budget was again reviewed and was overwhelmingly approved.

Resolutions. All were passed. The Live Binder contains the wording for each.

  • Affirming LGBTQIA2S+ welcome in the life of the Church. You can read more here.
  • Establishing a diocesan commemoration day celebrating the life and ministry of the Rev. Canon Thomas Wilson Stearly Logan Sr., D.D.
  • Compensation for non-stipendiary vocational deacons to allow participation in the Church Pension Fund
  • Revision to method of election by orders
  • Revision to procedure by which a call for a vote by orders may be made
  • Revision to date on which audit reports are due from parishes


Special Orders. Highlight life in the diocese.


Elections. The following people have been elected to serve.

Board of Trustees

  • Renae Rutherford
  • Elizabeth Curtis Swain
  • The Rev. Benjamin Wallis


Commission on Wellness

  • The Rev. Benjamin Wallis


Christmas Fund

  • James Pope
  • Melissa Wallis


Church Foundation Board

  • Clifford W. Kozemchak
  • Marie Golson
  • Katharyn Christian McGee
  • The Rev. Dr. Mike Sowards
  • Roberta Griffin Torian


General Convention Deputy

  • The Rev. Jane Gober
  • Christopher Hart
  • The Rev. James Littrell
  • Jill Mathis
  • The Very Rev. Bonnie McCrickard
  • The Rev. Emily Richards
  • P. Isaac Quelly
  • The Rev. Benjamin Wallis
  • Liz Wendt


Disciplinary Board

  • The Rev. Kevin Dellaria
  • The Rev. Tim Gavin
  • Renae Rutherford
  • The Rev. Sean C. Slack
  • Elizabeth Curtis Swain


Nominating Committee

  • Margaret (Peggy) Buescher
  • Karen L. Campbell


Standing Committee

  • Colin Johnstone
  • The Rev. Andrew Kellner