2021 Convention Recap

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

2021 Convention

"Go ahead write the eulogy and plan the funeral of the Church. Have your goodbye party, but don't expect us. We’ve got work to do..."

Bishop Gutiérrez


Thank you to all who made this year's hybrid diocesan convention a success. 

  • You can watch Friday night's Eucharist at the Cathedral with Bishop Gutiérrez here.
  • Bishop’s Convention Address can be viewed here.
  • The Convention's LiveBinder, which contained all materials is available here.


Special Presentations

You can view all of the special orders presented at Convention here. This includes:


Election Results

Board of Trustees:  

  • 1 Clergy Elected, Rev. Veronika Travis
  • 2 Lay  Elected: Kathleen Stephenson and Janice Jervay

Christmas Fund Trustee:

  • 1 Lay Treasurer Elected, Charlene Mitchel Wiltshire

Church Foundation:

  • 1 Clergy Elected:  Rev. John W. Symonds
  • 4 Lay Elected:  Andrew Dumas, Frank Rothenberger, Paul Wanglee, Wilson Smith

Commission on Wellness:

  • 1 Clergy Elected: Rev. Bud Holland
  • 1 Lay Elected: Liz Wendt

Disciplinary Board:

  • 2 Clergy Elected:  Rev. Sherry Deets and Rev. Tim Steeves
  • 3 Lay Elected (uncontested):  William Berry, Dave Dixon, Judith Winters

Nominations Committee:

  • 2 Clergy Elected (uncontested): Rev. James Littrell, Rev. Joseph Wallace-Williams
  • 2 Lay Elected: Dina L. Harvey and Marcia Hinton

Standing Committee:   

  • 1 Clergy Elected:  Rev. Jill LaRoche Wikel
  • 1 Lay Elected (uncontested):   Deborah Bressoud Parker