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The Parish to Parish Weekly has been renamed, DIOPA Connections – The Ties that Bind: News By and For the Parishes of the Diocese of Pennsylvania to reflect the connections between the churches in our diocese and the beloved community. Let us know what you think of the new title. This newsletter is intended to be a simple way of communicating to everyone on our email list what is happening in the local parishes. If you want to submit an article about your event in the weeks to come, it should be sent to J.D. Lafrance at by Wednesday no later than 10 a.m. for distribution later that day. Articles must be kept to 150 words. We will include activities and programs happening in parishes, job openings, and items parishes may wish to share or sell. You may continue to submit articles, flyers, etc. to the website as has been done previously.  Please feel free to duplicate copies for those who are not receiving it on email.

DIOPA Connections – January 18, 2018



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Keep informed about what is going on in our diocese from Parish Events and Diocesan Events, to workships, lectures, concerts, messages from our Bishop and more.

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Episcopal News Weekly – December 19, 2017

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We would love to share articles about your programs and parish events you have.  Group photos taken at events are always welcome.  To submit an article please email Henry Carnes at Please note that the Episcopal News Weekly is for past events and other articles.  Notices about upcoming events should be submitted to J.D. Lafrance at for publication in the DIOPA Connections.

The Episcopal News Weekly is our way of letting each other know about the good work that is taking place in the Diocese, both within our parishes and diocesan offerings.  We want to share your stories, particularly ones that you feel might be inspirational to other parishes.

We welcome your feedback!  Let us know what you like and what you think can be improved.  Your input will help us to develop a publication that better meets the needs of the parishes in our diocese.