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Church Organist -Grace Episcopal and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents St. Paul’s

Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church


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Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation & Holy Innocents Episcopal Church have recently called the Reverend Brian G. Rallison as their new rector for both parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. Father Brian is looking for a shared organist between the parishes. Music will be during two services (one at each church) with a few variations at Holy Innocents because they are doing a bilingual service in both English and Spanish.

A job description is as follows.

1. Services: Sunday Services are currently Morning Prayer at both parishes until Sunday, September 29, 2019. Thereafter, the services will shift to the Holy Eucharist. 9 am at Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation. 11 am at Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. We will review this schedule sometime at the end of September 2019 and the organist will be informed of the change, if any.

2. Current average Sunday attendance: Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation – 30 persons. Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – 45 persons. We anticipate that the average Sunday attendance will increase over the next few months because these parishes have not had a full-time cleric for the past two to three years.

3. Currently we have a choir director that is leading a choir of four persons at Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The organist will play the music for an anthem.

4. Currently there are no scheduled weekly rehearsals.

5. All Sundays. Additional church services that would sometimes be combined between both parishes. They would include, but are not limited to:
Christmas Eve – 5 pm and 11 pm
Evensong – Sometime during the Season of Advent
Maundy Thursday – 7 pm
Good Friday – 7 pm
The Great Vigil of Easter – Starting at sunset.

6. The organist will have the first option to play for special pastoral services (not limited to weddings, funerals, and so forth) for separate compensation. The fee arranges are made between the organist and the parties involved in said services.

7. Although the experience and assistance of choosing the hymnody is part of this ministry for the organist; as per the Canons of the Episcopal Church (111.5) the rector has the final authority in the administration of all matters pertaining to music. Choosing the hymns will be done in a face-to-face meeting for the first few weeks until the rector and organist understand each other musical styles. At that point, the music for future services can be chosen via email or a monthly face-to-face meeting. Currently, we are keeping the hymns selection unassuming, using hymns that are more familiar to the parishes.

8. The organs are as follows: Grace Episcopal Church and the Incarnation –Electric (We are in the process of collecting information that is more complete on this particular instrument). Holy Innocents St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – Rodgers Electric Model 599 with three manuals, lighting draw knobs console. You are more than welcome to inspect the instruments before you apply. Please call in advance to insure that someone will be there.

9. Pianos, equipment, and music. Each parish has an upright piano. The parishes are using The Hymnal 1982, Wonder, Love & Praise, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, and other hymnals approved by the Episcopal Church in both English and Spanish. The churches own some other sheet music. There is a budget for the music department; the rector must preapprove all purchases.

10. For this position the pay will start at $250 a week plus travel expenses at the IRS rate for travel between the two parishes.

To schedule an interview, please send your resume to Father Brian at If you have any other general questions or need any clarifications on the job description, please all Father Brian on his cell phone at 267-432-4224.