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If you are interested in a clergy position within the Diocese, or are discerning a path to ordination, please contact Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph.

Clergy Positions

PT Priest in Charge - St. James Kingsessing

St. James Kingsessing

Part Time

Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume and OTM to Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph at 

FT Interim Rector/Interim Priest in Charge – Good Samaritan Paoli

Church of the Good Samaritan, Paoli

Full Time

Canon for Transitions: Arlette Benoit Joseph

FT Rector – St. Luke Episcopal, Newtown

St. Luke Episcopal, Newtown

Full Time

Canon for Transitions: Arlette Benoit Joseph

FT Interim Rector - St. Peter's Philadelphia

St. Peter's Philadelphia

Full Time

Canon for Transitions: Arlette Benoit Joseph


Basic Church Profile

St. Peter’s Church, at Third and Pine Streets in Philadelphia, is seeking an Interim Rector to shepherd us through the process of selecting a new Rector. A priest with experience with the search process is preferred. The ideal candidate would have excellent administrative and communication skills, an ability to connect with people, and excellent listening skills.

St. Peter’s is an historic church in an urban neighborhood. We are a vibrant community where all different types of people come together to ask life’s big questions and to find relationship and community with one another. Our members range in age – we have a lively Family Worship service for children age 8 and younger. We also have active ministries for those in their 20s/30s, 40s/50s, and 60+.

We believe that all people are beloved by God and are of equal worth and dignity; we have many parishioners in the LGBTQ+ community and embrace all who walk through our doors. We raise our voice for justice and look for ways to serve our neighbors and our city. We have a Food Cupboard ministry that distributes groceries to those in need weekly, and a choral program that is steeped in the Anglican Church musical tradition. Both of these ministries are being reshaped during this “post-pandemic” period. The Interim Period will include discernment and decisions about how these ministries could best meet current and future needs of the parish and neighborhood.

The majority of St. Peter’s parishioners live in the neighborhood. St. Peter’s parishioners have a healthy sense of ownership and stewardship of their church. People are volunteers both at St. Peter’s and elsewhere.

Job Description

· Provide Stability: The Interim Rector, working with the Vestry, will provide the leadership necessary to maintain stability during the interim period. They bring a “non-anxious presence” to an uncertain, grieving, or conflicted congregation.

· Support Discernment Process: A key task is to help the congregation complete its disengagement from previous leadership as it begins the self-study related to the search process. They will also work with the Vestry to create and support a search committee.

· Liturgical Leadership and Support:

o Work with the Vestry and other lay leaders to maintain the regular schedule of worship services and preaching, education, pastoral care, and pastoral offices (weddings, funerals, and baptisms), while increasing the flexibility and resiliency of the parish in liturgy and music, by offering opportunities to experience different forms and styles of worship.

o Manage and support the Associate Rector and other staff with the worship calendar and liturgical planning for worship.

· Review organizational structures: Manage the clergy and staff; help the staff and lay leadership identify processes that might be improved for decision-making, management, and communication; establish a detailed report of current active ministries.

· Pastoral care: Call upon the sick and shut-in, visit newcomers, and ongoing administration of the parish, while increasing the parish’s commitment to pastoral care by lay members.

· Supervise all parish staff in the exercise of their responsibilities and ministries, for which they shall be accountable to the Interim Rector. If it is necessary in the interim time to hire or terminate staff, the Wardens shall take those actions, given their canonical responsibility for the parish during the Interim Period.

· Support the Vestry in its responsibilities.

FT Priest in Charge - Church of the Redeemer, Springfield

Church of the Redeemer, Springfield

Full Time

Canon for Transitions: Arlette Benoit Joseph

FT Associate Rector - St. David’s (Radnor) Church

St. David’s (Radnor) Church

Full Time

 Frank Allen <>


We are a growing and energetic parish of over 3,000 members in the Diocese of Pennsylvania on the Main Line of Philadelphia. We are a church on the mission of knowing God in Jesus Christ and making Christ known to others.

We seek an experienced clergy person to assist the Rector in leading worship, in preaching, in teaching, in pastoral care and the overall ministry of the parish. The Associate will be a loving pastor, an effective preacher and a strong teacher who is spiritually centered, self-motivated, creative and able to empower persons of all ages to exercise their Christian ministry. As a member of a very collegial staff, that includes two other full-time clergy and a large programmatic and professional support staff, the Associate will have specific responsibilities which will include supporting Commissions of the Church, participation in the Chaplaincy of our preschool, the Women’s Fellowship and a weekly Women’s Bible study.

We seek a clergy person who is deeply grounded in the Christian life, who works collegially with laity and staff, and who is committed to growing the ministries of St. David's, our Diocese and The Episcopal Church.

FT Rector - Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, Philadelphia

Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church, Philadelphia

Full Time

Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume, and OTM profile to Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph at



Full-Time Position Rector - Trinity, Solebury

Trinity, Solebury

Full Time

Interested applicants should send cover letter, resume, and OTM profile to Canon Arlette Benoit Joseph at


To view more information about our parish and to view our parish profile, please visit


What is Trinity Church seeking in a new Rector?

Following several Parish Meetings, and after review of the responses to the Parish Survey, the Vestry and Search Committee have summarized what we are seeking in a Rector:
• The energy and skill to lead Trinity’s dynamic committed parish
• Love of the Episcopal liturgy, and love of the role of music in the service
• Honest, generosity, and candor
• Humility
• Excellent communication skills
• Sermons with Biblical, as well as real-world and local relevance that grab us and inspire us
• Deep commitment to all aspects of pastoral care
• Desire and ability to:
- Hear and listen; to step into others’ shoes; to empathize with and understand individuals’ perspectives
- Reach out to children and youth
- Appreciate and utilize our skills as volunteers and lead us to the next chapter of Trinity
- Encourage and develop Trinity’s outreach in the areas of social justice, community and interfaith engagement
- Maximize and maintain the gift of our physical plant and sanctuary
- Develop and maintain the financial health of the parish
- To inspire, motivate and hold us accountable . . . and occasionally to make us a little uncomfortable.

PT Priest in Charge - St. Stephen's Norwood

St Stephen's Norwood

Part Time

Canon for Transitions: Arlette Benoit Joseph

ECS Chaplain


Part Time

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