Fire For Mission II

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Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
301 E. 9th Street
(Corner of 9th and Madison Streets)
Chester, PA 19013

Donation: $10.00 (Lunch provided)

Fire for the Mission: Part Two – Community Partnerships
Keynote Speaker: The Rev. Thomas Brackett


Dear Friends in Christ,

This note is to invite you to help build a fire – a fire for mission within our Diocese. One of the earliest images of the church is the description of Pentecost, with flames descending on the heads of the apostles. Jesus’ followers were set on fire to proclaim the Good News, to care for the poor, sick and outcast, to challenge unjust structures and to build communities of peace and reconciliation.

That is precisely what we are called to do in our day, and in this place. A little over a year ago, we celebrated “Fire for the Mission #1.” That conference empowered us and strengthened us in our resolve to build partnerships – one result of that “fiery” conference is a new mission initiative in our Diocese called “The Darby Project,” a bold, successful and continuing experiment in creating a community of caring and service in the midst of a needy community.

Now we come to “Fire for the Mission #2,” focusing on community missional projects and learning from the Rev. Tom Brackett, who is the national church’s expert on mission and partnerships. I have attended one of Fr. Brackett’s workshops and can vouch for the energy and wisdom he brings to parish and diocesan mission. He did set me on fire!

“Come and see,” said the young Philip to Nathanael in telling of his transforming encounter with Jesus (John 1:46). Now I say to you, “Come and see” and be ready to catch fire for mission!

Bishop Daniel

Please register online: download the flyer here.