And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.”

Mark 16:15


Evangelism is the spiritual practice of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in our words and actions. It is a critical component of the common vision to which Bishop Daniel Gutiérrez has called the Diocese of Pennsylvania: to know Jesus and change the world. Whether in a quiet conversation with a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker, or among people we don’t yet know at a community event, we seek, name and celebrate Jesus’ loving presence in the stories of all people – and invite others to share in the good news, by joining us in the beloved community we’re building in our churches.


Our Evangelism Committee recently launched an initiative to help congregations and individual Christians reimagine and engage our roles in proclaiming the Gospel. We are curating resources from around the Episcopal Church and this Diocese that represent best practices on connecting with those around you in daily life; helping you find ways to share the impact your faith has had in your life with others; and helping you learn how to invite others to church in a way that honors our Episcopal identity.

Ashes to Go led by St. Peter's Philadelphia

In Our Churches

Go to where the people are. That is what the rector, Paul Adler, at the Church of St. Alban in Roxborough does each week. Armed with a sign, prayer books and a friendly smile he goes to a coffee shop to offer free prayer. “Sometimes I pray with college students before exams, sometimes with those discerning a new job or celebrating a promotion, and unfortunately sometimes with those fleeing abusive relationships or economic hardship. No matter who sits next to me, I am thankful to share God’s love and presence in this way.”

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With the motto "everyone is welcome and we really mean it," St. Philip's is committed to bringing the community in for many events (Community Peacemeal) and also to going out to meet their neighbors. Throughout the year, St. Philip's meets the community where they are, celebrating several saints with the blessing of animals, firefighters and fire engines - and even cars. They also participate in community parades as well.

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Starting in 2013, St. Peter's made a habit of reaching commuters at one of Philadelphia's busiest stops and at one of the busiest times on Ash Wednesday. Part of a nationwide movement called “Ashes to Go," the church makes a connection with the community at the start of the Lenten season.

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Looking to be more engaged?

When you think about inviting people to church, or to be part of our community, does anxiety start to kick in? The Evangelism Committee works to understand not only how each of us has faithfully and successfully engaged in sharing our faith, but also how our formation and discipleship are essential to helping every one of us live out our baptismal covenant.

The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley

The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley

Canon To The Ordinary For Evangelism And Administration

(215) 627-6434), ext. 109