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Episcopal Church Women – ECW – operates through a Steering Committee with mail to 3717 Chestnut Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia PA 19104. The Steering Committee of ECW maintains channels of communication for ministries of worship, mission, fellowship and advocacy. The committee enables and enhances the work by all women in their parishes and the diocese.

ECW foremothers have endowed us. We honor them by ensuring that income is distributed annually to Black Colleges, Indian HopeOverseas Mission and Domestic Mission.

Domestic mission funds from the endowment that are disbursed annually are used entirely in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Every effort is made to include each Deanery. Generally the largest grant equals no more than twelve hundred dollars. These requests are due March 30th at Episcopal Church Women, 3717 Chestnut Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia PA 19104.

The United Thank Offering – UTO – is part of the ministry of the Episcopal Church Women with a daily prayer and a tangible offering of thanks. These monies are distributed in annual grants by the National UTO Committee. Applications are due in the office of the Bishop December 9th. Visit the Online Application

The Church Periodical Club – CPC – provides books throughout the world for theological students and learners of all ages. The ECW steering committee in the Diocese of Pennsylvania is responsible for the endowment income directed for this along with the related correspondence. For projects in parishes to raise awareness of this ministry see the CPC webpage

We now have a toll free number for your convenience: Our Toll Free Number: 1-877-NATL-ECW (1-877-628-5329). It is answered by the Vice-President for Information who will either take care of your request or direct it to the proper person who will return your call.


Come join the rewarding ministry of administration of the income from our foremothers.

New women are sought/needed for the ECW Steering Committee.

This group, with a minimum of five members, disburses income from legacies as directed by the wills, participates as a committee for the United Thank Offering  grant process, and heightens the awareness of the ministries of women in the diocese.  Members come from various deaneries, meet at multiple locations and on different days of the week always with travel during daylight.  Travel is part of this ministry.  Traveling friends may choose to be a part of this together.  Call Shirley Smith 215-887-9448 or granny7sm@gmail.com for conversation and to sign on.

Grant Requests

Each year the Steering Committee of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Pennsylvania distributes the legacy gifts of our foremothers. One of the designated categories is Domestic Mission. These grants remain in the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Domestic Mission Grants support programs that meet specific needs of all ages: adults, teenagers and young children in the communities of parishes in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Site maintenance is a primary concern. Travel out of the Diocese, feeding programs and conference fees are not permitted. Grants are usually no larger than $ 1200.

All parishes in the Diocese can apply for Domestic Mission Grants.

Each request must be no more than a single page, be accompanied by a simple budget and signed by the parish priest.

  • Any specific project/program is considered.
  • One thousand two hundred dollars is the maximum grant.
  • Assets-Based Community outreach is the primary ministry.
  • The intentional inclusion of each deanery by the committee will reflect the diocesan structure.
  • No grant money is for food, perishables and travel.

(Application follows)  Completed applications by April 30 will be considered for spring by September 30 will be considered for fall. 

                  Application : Domestic Mission Grant

•                Write a description of the project (100 words) Include

                  History of program

                  Age of participants

                  Number of people to be served

                  Timeline for program

•         Funding source of project

•         Amount of funds being requested and why

•         Attach simple budget

•         Information for project director/coordinator: Name, address, phone number(s), email

•         Information for contact person if different from director/coordinator

•         Application must be signed by clergy-in-charge or senior warden

•         Application one page, must be typed, font no smaller then 10 on paper 8 ½ x 11


Application must be received by April 30 will be considered for spring by September 30 will be considered for fall. Send to:
ECW: Domestic Grants,
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania,
3717 Chestnut Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19104

or by email to ecw@diopa.org as a PDF attachment

Question or conversations: Shirley Smith, Presider – 215-887-9448  granny7sm@gmail.com  or Amy Lancaster, Treasurer – 215-348-9654  grahamlancaster@pil.net



Our vision for all women of the Episcopal Church is that we become a vibrant blend of all ages, coming together as a peacemaking, healing part of the Church. We aspire to be a shining and sharing the love of Christ.



  • To strengthen lines of communication through the Communiqué, website and diocesan and provincial visitations.
  • To establish Women of Vision and Call to Action programs in every diocese.
  • To encourage familiarity with and participation in programs offered by Episcopal Church Women.


  • Altar Guild
  • Daughters of the King
  • Girls Friendly Society
  • Church Periodical Club
  • United Thank Offering
  • Asian American Women
  • Episcopal Women’s Caucus
  • Integrity
  • Women of Vision



Office History

Member History

1871 ~ General Convention authorized the Board of Missions to organize the Women’s Auxiliary to the Board of Missions.

1874 ~ First Triennial Meeting held in New York

1919 ~ Along with the Presiding Bishop and National Council, the First National Council Executive Board of Women’s Auxiliary established.

1920 ~ National Council adopted resolution recognizing in all of its departments the Executive Board of the Women’s Auxiliary.

1958 ~ By action of the National Council, the Executive Board of the Women’s Auxiliary became the General Division of Women’s Work.

1964 ~ National Council became Executive Council. General Division of Women’s Work has liaison member with voice and vote in every department.

1967 ~ General Division of Women’s Work and Executive Council vote to suspend bylaws in order to “enter into such new structure with other departments and units as seems appropriate to discharging responsibilities and functions …”

1970 ~ Resolutions from 1969 Committee for Women meeting approved for trial use.

1973 ~ Triennial Meeting voted overwhelmingly to continue.

1976 ~ Triennial Meeting adopted Structure Document, formed Triennial Program and Planning Committee.

1979 ~ Name shortened to Triennial Committee.

1985 ~ Triennial Meeting adopted bylaws, forming Episcopal Church Women, Episcopal Church, U.S.A.

1988 ~ Regular publication of the ECW Communiqué commenced.

1994 ~ Episcopal Church Women/United Thank Offering Joint Committee Formed.

2000 ~ Triennial Today is centerfold in Convention Daily.

2001 ~ Website re-launched and expanded.