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Do not lord it over those in your charge, but be examples to the flock.

1 Peter 5:3


Our vision as the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania is to know Jesus and change the world. Together, we make this revolutionary vision a reality by empowering our congregations - assisting them with leadership, management, resources, reorganization and support. Members of the Diocesan staff are out in the Diocese every day, helping churches creatively envision and create a future that is loving, liberating and life-giving. 

We have formed an evangelism team to assist churches in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in a way that honors our Episcopal identity; made $1.5M available to churches for infrastructure needs; created a Digital Disciples program to provide free assistance in the area of technology" implemented software to provide reports on demographic trends and identify areas for growth; created the Congregational Life and Redevelopment Team to support congregations in envisioning, transitions and development of new ministries; and formed outside partnerships to provide free or low-cost web design to all of our churches.

Providing support to our churches

Diocesan staff lead programs on creating and managing church budgets and how to fill out a parochial report. Assistance is always available outside of formal programming. In addition, staff can direct you to free or low-cost accountants, lawyers and grant-writers.

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The Growth Development Fund allots $1.5M over five years to churches who have infrastructure issues that get in the way of ministry. In addition, we have many other grant programs to help churches grow.

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With the use of new technology, our staff can look at data on your community to help churches better understand where to focus resources and how to effectively communicate with the people around you. This is useful for evangelism, mission and, when your church is seeking a new priest to create a parish profile.

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Do you need support to grow?

The Diocesan staff is here to serve and support our congregations. We will walk with you on your journey, recognizing that the road can sometimes be difficult and challenging. We can help you develop a roadmap that points the way to a more loving, inclusive, and vibrant church for the 21st century. If you have questions, need information or resources, or would like help starting or building ministries, the Diocese is here for you.

The Rev. Canon Kirk Berlenbach

The Rev. Canon Kirk Berlenbach

Canon For Growth and Support

215-627-6434, ext. 191