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Organization and Responsibilities

  • Organization and Responsibility


  • A. The duties of Diocesan Council are stated in Canon 6 (pgs 21-24)
    • 1. Diocesan Council’s duty shall be to carry out the programs and policies adopted by Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. (According to DIOPA Canon 6.2.1 as revised at Diocesan Convention 01/07).
    • 2. Diocesan Council prepares and submits to each Convention a budget for the work of the Diocese for the ensuing year.
    • 3. Council as a whole shall elect annually one clergy person and one lay person to membership on the Commission on Clergy Salaries and Pensions. (Canon 4.5.1)


  • A. Membership of Diocesan Council
    • 1. Bishop, Secretary of Convention, Treasurer of the Diocese, all ex-officio, and 3 members of each deanery. (6.1.1)
    • 2. Each deanery shall annually elect one member to Council for a term of three years, such election to be held prior to convention, and such term to commence at the rising of convention. (6.1.2) Members are eligible to serve a second consecutive 3 year term. In case of vacancies the respective deaneries shall promptly elect persons to serve the unexpired terms, such elected persons then to be eligible for re-election to two consecutive three year terms. No person who has served two consecutive three-year terms shall be eligible to serve on Council until the passage of at least one year. (6.1.4)
    • 3. The bishop shall be the chief officer of Diocesan Council, and he/she may invite any persons to attend Diocesan Council meetings and participate. (6.1.5 & 6)
    • 4. A quorum shall consist of not less than on-half of the full membership, which shall be necessary for the transaction of business. (6.1.7)
  • B. Committees of Diocesan Council
    • 1. Executive Committee of Diocesan Council
      • a. Membership
        • i. The Bishop is chairperson of the Executive Committee
        • ii. Four members are elected to serve annually by council.
        • iii. One of the four members is elected to serve as vice-chairperson.
        • iv. Secretary of Convention. (Ex officio) (Canon 6.1)1
        • v. Staff person for Council (Ex officio) (Canon 6.1)
      • b. Responsibilities of the Executive Committee.
        • i. The Executive Committee shall coordinate assignments of Council members to committees and maintain contact with other Council committees.
        • ii. Deliver reports to Council in a timely fashion, ensure completeness of reports, be alert to the need of Council action, and draft the Council’s agenda.
        • iii. Coordinate additional Council events: i.e. the visitations made by representatives of the Episcopal Church.
        • iv. The vice-chairperson manages Executive Committee business and, at the Bishop’s request, presides at Council meetings.
        • v. At the bishop’s request, any other member of Diocesan Council may preside at Council Meetings (Canon 6.1.5).
        • vi. The Secretary takes minutes of the Executive Committee meetings, handles correspondence, and publishes the Council agenda.
        • vii. The Executive Committee will ascertain the interests and prior experience of the other 29 Council members (including the incoming class), assign them to one of the Council Committees, and appoint their chairpersons.
        • viii. As soon as possible at the rise of Convention, each committee will be briefed by the Executive Committee on its area of responsibility, and its task for the coming year. An important aspect of this session will be preparation and planning for the development of the Program Budget.
    • 2. Program Budget Committee
      • a. Program Budget Committee chairperson, appointed by the Bishop, will select in consultation with the Executive Committee, representatives from Council to constitute a Program Budget Committee for annual development of a recommended budget. These representatives will be representative of the committees of Council. The proposed budget is approved by Council at its June meeting (or before) and then is forwarded to the Diocesan Convention for final approval.
      • b. Other members of the Program Budget Committee include the following Ex-officio members:
        • – Bishop Diocesan
        • – Diocesan Treasurer
        • – Member of Standing Committee (appointed by President of Standing Committee)
        • – Up to three additional members may be appointed by the Chairperson in consultation with the Executive Committee.
    • 3. Committee on Finance and Property.
      • a. Convention shall elect all members of the committee. The committee, under the direction of Diocesan Council (6.3.6), shall be responsible for all the financial affairs of the Diocese, and act in any other business or executive capacity that may be required of it by the Diocesan Council or Convention. The chairperson is elected annually by its members.
      • b. Other members of Finance and Property include the following Ex-officio members:
        • – Bishop Diocesan
        • – Diocesan Treasurer
        • – Diocesan Chief Financial Officer
        • – Member of Standing Committee (appointed by the president of Standing Committee)
      • c. The Committee on Finance and Property shall report to Diocesan Council on a regular basis regarding its work and decisions, particularly as they affect the work and decisions of Diocesan Council.
    • 4. The Bishop, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint Diocesan Council representatives/envoys to Diocesan Council Committees and Diocesan Commissions, Task Forces, and Organizations, including but not limited to the following:
      • a. Anti-Racism Commission
      • b. Black Aspirant Recruitment Consultative Task Force
      • c. Wapiti Board
      • d. Campus Ministry
      • e. Cathedral Chapter
      • f. Commission on Compassion
      • g. Congregational Development and Redevelopment
      • h. Diocesan Youth Council
      • i. Diocesan Stewardship Commission
      • j. Diocesan Camp Committee


  • A. Smoking is prohibited in the meeting room.
  • B. Material for consideration and action by Council should be sent to the Secretary at least three weeks prior to the meeting for distribution. For late handouts, see the Secretary
  • C. Other material not on the Agenda, should be placed on a side table but not distributed.
  • D. Members should send their regrets to the Secretary in advance of the meeting if they are unable to attend.
  • E. No substantive resolution will be permitted after mailing without a two-thirds vote of consent of those present.
  • F. Nominating Procedure
    • 1. The Bishop shall appoint each year a committee of at least three members of Diocesan Council to serve as the Council’s Nominating Committee.
    • 2. The Nominating Committee shall elect its own chairperson.
    • 3. The Council Nominating Committee shall be responsible for recommending to Council a qualified slate of nominees for any position of office directly elected or determined by Council including:
      • a. Diocesan Council Executive Committee
      • b. Council’s Representatives to the Commission on Clergy Salaries and Pensions
    • 4. Nominations from the floor will be allowed at the time of the relevant election in addition to those presented by the Nominating Committee.