Process for Communication Upon the Death of a Cleric, Spouse, or Widow


It is our policy to communicate the deaths of active clergy, retired clergy as well as wives, spouses and widows of active or retired clergy.

Email notices will be sent out to our entire email list within 24 hours of receipt of information by the Communications team (, Notices will also be included in the forthcoming Diocesan newsletter. (If the Diocesan newsletter will go out after scheduled services, we will use social media to alert our community.) The following information will be included in a death notice:

1.) Name of deceased and cleric spouse if lay

2.) Date of death

3.) Funeral service information (if they have been made)

4.) Brief bio information if provided to us – keep very brief

5.) Contact person and their information (email and phone number)

Communications will ensure that the following people are alerted in the event we are first to be called:

  • The Bishop, should always be notified first so he may contact the family. If the deceased is a sitting rector, the Bishop will have direct involvement in providing pastoral care and services to the congregation and family, including making arrangements for burial services, etc.
  • The Bishop’s Executive Assistant, so she can contact The Church Pension Group ensuring benefits can get to the survivors.
  • Chaplain to the Retired, in order for him to offer comfort to the family, arrange a visit.