Convention 2018 – Resolutions


On this page we will list all the resolutions as they come in.

Questions about resolutions should be referred to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Karen Lash, at

After the deadline, the Resolutions Committee will review the resolutions, contacting movers when necessary to clarify language, resolve duplicate resolutions, etc.

Pre-Convention meetings, which will include discussion of resolutions, will take place in each deanery. We ask that you please make an effort to attend a meeting (you may attend meetings in any deanery, not just your own).

Following the Pre-Convention meetings, members of the Resolutions Committee will meet to consider any changes in the resolutions suggested by the movers, as a result of the hearings, and to decide Committee’s recommendations to Convention.

Resolutions submitted after the 60-day deadline, due to an unforeseen emergency occurring after the deadline, and that are not submitted in response to a bishop’s address at Convention must be approved for consideration by a two-thirds vote of Convention.

A list of references, or sources cited, to be attached to each resolution.

Please remember that our canons call for a member of Convention (a clergy person or lay deputy) to introduce a resolution.  A committee-sponsored resolution needs the name of a member such as a mover.

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