Convention 2018 – Nominees


All nominees as of September 19, 2018


Nominees for The Christmas Fund (1 Lay)

Lionel Broome


Nominees for The Church Foundation (1 Clergy, 4 Lay)

Marit Anderson

Norman McClave


Nominees for Deputy to Provincial Synod (1 Clergy, 2 Lay)

Christopher Hart


Nominees for Disciplinary Board (2 Clergy, 3 Lay)

William Berry

The Rev. Lynn Hade

Susan Stuber


Nominees for Finance Committee (1 Clergy, 2 Lay)

Philip Anspach


Nominees for Nominations Committee (2 Clergy, 2 Lay)

Ben Huelskamp

The Rev. James Littrell


Nominees for Standing Committee (1 Clergy, 1 Lay)

Kasey Portenier

The Very Rev. Michael Ruk

The Rev. Tim Gavin

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