Convention 2018 – Committees


Open positions are listed below:

The Christmas Fund
Positions to Fill: 1 Lay Treasurer
The Christmas Fund provides financial support for clergy canonically resident in the Diocese of PA who are disabled; the surviving spouses and orphans or other dependents of clergy; seminarians and self-supporting clergy and their dependents; and retired lay employees of the Diocese or its churches with five years full-time service.  The committee meets periodically to review applications and make grants as needs arise.

Treasurer: Ms. Kay Johnson (2nd term expires 2018)
Trustees: Trustees:  Ms. Nancy Iredale (2nd term expires 2019), Ms. Anne Atlee (1st term expires 2019), Ms. Maureen Higgins (1st term expires 2020), Ms. Kathryn Rosse (1st term expires 2020).


The Church Foundation
Positions to Fill for a 3 Year Term: 1 Clergy, 4 Lay
The Church Foundation (TCF), chartered in 1926 and merged with The Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Pennsylvania (1882) has as its purpose:

  • To receive, hold, manage and dispose of real and personal property, which the corporation may in any lawful manner acquire for use of the Diocese of Pennsylvania or any congregation thereof;
  • To support any benevolent, charitable, educational, or missionary undertaking of said Church; and in furtherance thereof;
  • To receive and hold property real and personal of and for religious, beneficial, charitable, educational and missionary societies and associations of said Church and to execute trusts thereof.

The Church Foundation is a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation and is run by a Board of sixteen (16) Directors made up of three (3) clergy and twelve (12) laity and chaired by the Bishop of the Diocese. As such The Church Foundation:

  • Serves as trustee, custodian and investment adviser for assets owned by churches, chapels, missions and institutions in the Diocese.
  • Administers Diocesan real estate matters as required. The Foundation holds title to more than 100 church and Diocesan properties.

The Foundation’s primary activity is overseeing the Consolidated Fund (CF), a balanced fund of stocks and bonds providing a diversified investment medium for the Diocese of Pennsylvania, its parishes and other church-related institutions.

The Right Reverend Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez, President, Ex Officio
Alan Lindsay, St. Mary’s, Warwick, Executive Director
Lori L. Daniels, Chapel of the Atonement, Operations Manager
Elise Bowers,  Holy Trinity, Lansdale (term expires 2018)
James Mack, St. David’s, Radnor (term expires 2018)
Norman McClave, Redeemer, Bryn Mawr (term expires 2018)
Barton Riley, Redeemer, Bryn Mawr (term expires 2018)
The Rev. Jill L. McNish, Ph.D, St. Luke & the Epiphany (term expires 2018)
Loretha Badger,  St. Lukes’ Church, Germantown (term expires 2019)
Alfeia DeVaughn Goodwin, Church of the Advocate (term expires 2019)
Clifford W. Kozemchak, St. Thomas, Whitemarsh (term expires 2019)
Roberta Griffin Torian, St. Luke’s, Germantown (term expires 2019)
The Rev. Ed Shiley (retd), St. David’s, Radnor (term expires 2019)
The Rev. George Master, St. James, Kingsessing (2nd term expires 2020)
Christopher Gadsden, St. Thomas, Whitemarsh (2nd term expires 2020)
James Pope (2nd term expires 2020)
Kathleen Stephenson, St. Peter’s, Philadelphia (term expires 2020)
Wayne Strasbaugh, St. Martin-in-the-Fields (2nd term expires 2020)

Diocesan Disciplinary Board
Positions to Fill for a 3 Year Term: 2 Clergy, 3 Lay

The Disciplinary Board shall perform the functions and have the powers and responsibilities given to a Committee of that name by Title IV of the Canons of General Convention relating to the ecclesiastical disciplinary process, and by Canon 22 of the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Members must be fully committed to the vision of Title IV. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 2009 revised the canons known as Title IV to make clergy discipline first and foremost a process of discernment, mediation and pastoral response rather than one that is legalistic and judicial.  Canon 1 of Title IV sets the theological context for the process:  “By virtue of Baptism, all members of the Church are called to holiness of life and accountability to one another. The Church and each Diocese shall support their members in their life in Christ and seek to resolve conflicts by promoting healing, repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life, and reconciliation among all involved or affected. This Title applies to Members of the Clergy, who have by their vows at ordination accepted additional responsibilities and accountabilities for doctrine, discipline, worship and obedience.”

Please note that clergy members of the Disciplinary Board must be canonically resident and have been in Holy Orders for 10 years, according to Canon 22.

The Title IV process, which deals with clergy discipline in matters of conduct and practice of ministry, is about upholding and maintaining the integrity of the Episcopal Church for its members and to the glory of God.  The Title IV process is also about keeping our Church safe and assuring that the processes responding to charges of sexual misconduct toward adult and minor members are carefully followed.  This work is sensitive and can be stressful, and it is absolutely necessary.

Lionel Broome, St. Luke’s Germantown (Class of 2018)
The Rev. Lynn Hade Advent, Hatboro, Chair (Class of 2018)
John Nee* (Class of 2018)
The Rev. Pamela Nesbit*, Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral (Class of 2018)
Susan Stuber (Class of 2018)
The Rev. Nancy Dilliplane Trinity, Buckingham (Class of 2019)
Richard Fitzgerald (Class of 2019)
Alfeia DeVaughn Goodwin, Church of the Advocate (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Tim Safford, Christ Church, Philadelphia (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Rick Vinson, Trinity, Solebury (Class of 2019)
Ms. Jane Cosby (Class of 2020)
The Rev. Lisa Keppler, Holy Nativity, Wrightstown (Class of 2020)
Mary Kohart, Chancellor (Class of 2020)
Douglas Sisk, Church Attorney(Class of 2020)
The Rev. Rev. Louis Temme, Intake Officer (Class of 2020)
The Rev. Tom Wand (Class of 2020)
* Second Term, ineligible for re-election

Deputy to Provincial Synod
Positions to Fill for a 3 Year Term: 1 Clery, 2 Lay
One clergy and two lay Deputies to Provincial Synod are responsible for attending and participating in the annual meeting of Province 3 of the Episcopal Church, which includes the 13 dioceses in PA, DE, MD, VA, WV & DC. The annual synod always occurs in the spring, usually late April or early May. The term of office is for 3 years.

Members: Ms. Jane Cosby, Mr. Christopher Hart, The Rev. Marek Zabriskie

Finance Committee
Positions to Fill: 1 Clergy, 2 Lay
The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial affairs of the Diocese and acts in any other business and executive capacity that may be required of it by Convention. Among those duties is the responsibility to provide for the enforcement of Canon 16 (“Of the Mode of Securing an Accurate View of the State of the Church in this Diocese”),in Canon 17 (“Of Business Methods in Church Affairs”), and Canon 19.1 (“Diocesan Institutions”). The Committee also is responsible for the communication of assessment levels and the accounting for receipts of assessments all pledges and assessments in support of the Diocesan Budget, the Episcopate assessment, Clergy Financial Assistance as called for by the Committee on Clergy Salaries and Pensions.

Each month, the Committee reviews financial reports from the Diocesan CFO and Treasurer.

All candidates for election to the Finance Committee over the past years have been well qualified. However, as described above, interest and expertise in finance, real estate, budgeting, stewardship, insurance, church growth, business methods and practices and related areas are areas that a member may wish to have some expertise or qualification. As we grapple with ever tightening budgets and declining and failing parishes, compassion is also an important quality.

The Rt. Rev. Daniel Gutiérrez, Bishop Diocesan, ex officio
Mr. James Pope, Diocesan Treasurer
Mr. Douglas Sisk (Commission on Wellness)
Mr. Doug Horner, Diocese Finance Officer
The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley, Canon to the Ordinary
Mr. Eric Rabe (Appointed By Standing Committee)
The Rev. Michael Rau (Appointed By Standing Committee)
The Rev. Peter M. Carey (Appointed By Diocesan Council)
Christopher Hart (Appointed By Diocesan Council)
The Rev. George Master (Class of 2018)
Mr. John Loftus (Class of 2018)
Ms. Dana Hall (Class of 2019)  Chair
The Rev. Sarah Hedges, Cathedral, (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Matthew Dayton-Welch (Class of 2020)
Mr. Kirk Muller (Class of 2020 according to DIOPA website)

Nominations Committee
Positions to Fill for a 3 Year Term: 2 Clergy, 2 Lay
The Nominations Committee is a standing committee, each member serving a three-year term.  We actively recruit members for all other Diocesan Committees. The Committee is committed to creating a transparent process by which we create a diverse and representative slate for the vote at each Convention. To that end, we will be continue working in 2014 to find and create new ways to communicate the job description, necessary skills/experience, and processes by which each commission and committee are staffed.

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Dilliplane (Class of 2018) Chair
Mr. Lionel Broome (Class of 2018)
Ms. Jane Cosby (Class of 2018)
Betty Berry-Holmes (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Amanda Eiman (Class of 2019) Chair
Marcia Hinton (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Jeff Moretzsohn (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Peter Carey (Class of 2020)
The Rev. Lori Exley (Class of 2020)

Standing Committee
Positions to Fill for a 5 Year Term: 1 Clergy, 1 Lay
Standing Committee is a body of advice and consent, working with the Diocesan Bishop, and is involved in making strategic decisions for both DioPA and The Episcopal Church in raising up, calling and/or approving the call of candidates for ordination and the episcopate.

*         Expertise and/or experience with financial, legal (canonical), real estate, and/or property oversight

*         Working knowledge of diocesan and the Canons of the Episcopal Church

*         Prior experience on a vestry, diocesan committee, or work with The Episcopal Church

*         Average of approximately eight-ten hours per month

Serving on the Standing Committee is an honor, but also requires a considerable time commitment. It is suggested that serving on the Standing Committee be your only diocesan commitment.

The Rev. Sean Mullen, St. Mark’s, Philadelphia, (1st Term Expires 2018)
Ms. Patricia Smith (Term Expires 2018)
The Rev. Hillary Raining, St. Christopher’s, Gladwyne, (Term Expires 2019)  Vice President
Mr. Norman McCausland, Good Samaritan, Paoli (2nd Term Expires 2019) President
The Rev. Elizabeth Colton, All Saints, Torresdale (1st Term Expires 2020)
Mr. George Vosburgh, St. David’s, Radnor (1st Term Expires 2020)
The Rev. Michael Rau, Church of the Holy Nativity, Rockledge (1st Term Expires 2021)
Mr. Eric Rabe (1st Term Expires 2021)
The Rev.  Jo Ann Jones (Term expires 2022)
Dr. Colin Johnstone (Term expires 2022)

Commission on Wellness
Positions to Fill for a 3 Year Term: 1 Clergy, 1 Lay
The Commission on Wellness has multiple responsibilities including:

  • Defining clergy compensation standards and proposing annual changes through a resolution to Diocesan Convention
  • Supporting health and welfare benefits for eligible clergy and lay employees of the diocese, including participation and decision making around benefit plan designs, self-insured benefits and other coverages as appropriate
  • Implementation support of the Denominational Health Plan (A177) and Lay Pension System (A138), as defined in the 2009 General Convention and as may be amended in subsequent General Conventions
  • Administration of the Diocesan Health and Welfare Benefits Trust in the provision of related benefits to eligible clergy and lay employees and retirees
  • Setting of the annual Retired Clergy Medical Assistance (RCMA) assessment amounts, and determination of related benefits for the eligible population
  • Defining Clergy Financial Assistance (CFA) assessment and proposing annual changes through a resolution to Diocesan Convention to support:
    1) assistance to clergy in financial need
    2) provide partial support to the Clergy Sabbatical fund
  • Administering loans and grants from the proceeds of the CFA for clergy who have applied for support due to pressing financial need

Commission on Wellness members come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and are committed to the health and wellness of our clergy and covered lay and retiree populations. Commission on Wellness has particular interests in candidates that have backgrounds, experience, or knowledge in any of the following areas:

  • Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Insurance (Health, Short/Long Term Disability, Workers Compensation, Life)
  • Health/Wellness (population, corporate, benefits)
  • Retiree Issues/Benefits
  • Human Resources/Personnel Policy and Management
  • Employee Compensation
  • Financial and Life Planning
  • Law (attorney, paralegal)
  • Accounting/Auditing
  • Communications
  • Social Services, Pastoral Care, Hospice Care, Healthcare Services/Medicine

Mr. John Gillespie (Class of 2018)
The Rev. Nazareno Javier (Class of 2018)
Mr. Carl Sheppard (Class of 2018)
The Rev. Anne Thatcher (Class of 2018)
Dr. Marc Andonian (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Elizabeth Costello (Class of 2019)
Ms. Elizabeth Swain (Class of 2019)
The Rev. Sandra L. Etemad (Class of 2019)
Doug Sisk (Class of 2020)
The Rev. Rodger Broadley (class of 2020)
The Rev. Benjamin Wallis

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