Convention 2017 – Nominees


All Nominees as of October 30, 2017


Nominees for the Christmas Fund (2 Lay)

 Maureen Higgins

Sandra Karger

Kathryn Rosse


Nominees for Church Attorney

 Douglas Sisk


Nominees for Church Foundation (1 Clergy; 3 Lay)

The Rev. George Master, 2nd

Christopher Gadsden

Richard McConnell

James Pope

Kathleen Stephenson

 Wayne Strasbaugh


Nominees for Commission on Clergy Compensation and Employee Benefits (1 Clergy; 1 Lay)

 The Rev. Rodger Broadley

John Ash

 Douglas Sisk

Nominees for Diocesan Disciplinary Board (3 Clergy; 1 Lay)

 The Rev. Lisa Keppeler

 The Rev. Thomas Wand

 Jane Cosby


Nominees for Finance Committee (1 Clergy; 1 Lay)

 The Rev. Matthew Dayton-Welch

 Norman McClave


Nominees for General Convention – Alternate Deputies (4 Clergy; 4 Lay)

The Rev. Jo Ann Jones

 The Rev. Daniel Moore

The Ven. Dr. Pamela Nesbit

The Very Rev. Deirdre Whitfield

 Kevin Hook

 Jill Mathis

 Kirk Muller

 Noah Stansbury


Nominees for Nominating Committee (3 Clergy; 2 Lay)


Nominees for Standing Committee (2 Clergy; 1 Lay)

The Rev. Kevin Dellaria

 The Rev. Timothy Gavin

 The Rev. Andrew Kellner

The Rev. Jo Ann Jones

 The Rev. Chuck Messer

 The Rev. Michael Rau

 The Very Rev. Michael Ruk

 The Very Rev. Deirdre Whitfield

 Neal Basile

 Colin Johnstone