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TD Bank Lock Box Addresses

Download the TD Bank Lock Box Info

  • Please use the correct lock box address and please do not mix payments for two different lock boxes in the same envelope.
  • Payments mailed to the wrong lock box will go into the wrong bank account and will not be posted against the correct purpose (e.g., assessments or health insurance payments) for your payment.
  • Incorrectly deposited payments create significant additional work in straightening out incorrectly deposited payments for both the Diocese and the Parish.

Checks for Assessments, Pledges, Bishop’s Revolving Loan:
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
PO Box 95000-1371
Philadelphia, PA 19195-1371

Other checks payable to the Diocese (i.e.UTO and Bishop’s Discretionary):
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
PO Box 95000-1372
Philadelphia, PA 19195-1372