Staff Directory




The Rt. Rev. Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez

Bishop Diocesan

(215) 627-6434






The Rt. Rev. Rodney R. Michel

Assisting Bishop

(215) 627-6434




The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley

Canon to the Ordinary for Evangelism and Administration

I can help answer questions about the operations of the Diocese; direct congregations to support and resources within the Bishop’s office; answer questions about policy and procedure within the Diocese; and provide direct support for Evangelism ministries, initiatives and programs.

215-627-6434, ext. 109



The Rev. Canon Arlette D. Benoit Joseph

Canon for Transition

I can help you find clergy for your congregation; apply for grants for continuing ed. and sabbaticals; and help individuals who are discerning a call to ordained ministry.

(215) 627-6434 x102





The Rev. Canon Kirk Berlenbach

Canon for Growth and Support

I can help you connect with the community; develop new and innovative ministries; and maximize use of church buildings and grounds.

215-627-6434, ext. 191





Canon Doug Horner

Canon for Finance & Business

I can help you with Sacred Gifts for Mission & Administration; parochial reports and audits; commercial insurance, benefits and pensions through Church Pension Group; endowments and investments; parish financial management and operations; property issues and tenant leases and licenses to use; and employment and human resource policy.

(215) 627-6434 x145



The Rev. Canon Betsy Ivey

Canon for Growth and Support

I can help you strategically think about how you want to change your parish ministry; and find supporting resources for ministry (websites, accounting, grant-writing, sharing resources).

(215) 627-6434 x115




The Rev. Canon Toneh Smyth

Canon for Mission

I can help connect you with trainings that focus on mental health and addiction concerns; wide missions/events that address national and global issues (e.g. poverty, racism, discrimination, health disparity, legislative changes, acts of violence); and with parishes doing similar mission work.

(215) 627-6434 x130




Canon Jennifer B. Tucker

Canon for Communications

I can help you with content creation; grassroots marketing; web site development; social media strategy; event planning; messaging; and crisis communications.

(215) 627-6434 x110





Celeste Fisher

Executive Assistant to the Bishop

(215) 627-6434 x108







Takiyah Cuyler

Senior Accountant

(215) 627-6434 x105







Mark Davis

IT Support Manager

(215) 627-6434 x190







Quincina Jackson

Assistant for Office of Transition Ministry

(215) 627-6434 x111



Kristen Kelly


(215) 627-6434 x101







Sean McCauley

Property Manager

(215) 627-6434 x181







Peter Moak

Diocesan Archivist

(267) 575-8958







Roberto Morales-Velez

Assistant for Operational Support and Sexton for Youth Ministry




Jeremiah Mustered

Assistant for Operations and Benefits Coordinator

(215) 627-6434 x126







Nicole Clothier

Accounts Payable Manager

(215) 627-6434 x118







Sherrie Tatman

Diocesan Assistant

(215) 627-6434 x107







The Rev. Lloyd Winter

Chaplain to the Retired Clergy and Widows










R. Alan Lindsay

Executive Director, The Church Foundation

(215) 627-6434 x 127







Lori Daniels

Operations Manager

(215) 627-6434 x104







The Rev. Andrew Kline

Vicar, St. John’s Norristown





The Rev. David Franceshi-Faccio

Vicar, Free Church of St. John




The Rev. Doris Rajagopal

Vicar, Darby Mission





The Rev. Cesar Ramirez-Segarra

Vicar, La Iglesia de Cristo y San Ambrosio





The Very Rev. Deirdre Whitfield

Vicar, St. Mary’s Church, Chester





The Rev. Dr. Peter Kountz

Vicar, St. Stephen’s Church, Philadelphia




The Rev. Dr. Renee McKenzie Hayward

Vicar, George W. South Memorial Church of the Advocate