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Our New Canon to the Ordinary!

Aug 22, 2016

This morning our staff welcomes our new Canon to the Ordinary for Evangelism and Administration, The Rev. Canon Shawn Wamsley. Canon Wamsley will serve as Chief of Staff as well as handling any evangelism initiatives carried out by the Diocese. Make sure to welcome Canon Wamsley.

MSP/SEE Re-Certifications

May 19, 2016

As you may know, employers with fewer than 20 employees may be able to enroll their Medicare Eligible employees in a Medicare Secondary Payer Small Employer Exception plan for a significantly lower premium. Annually these employers must be re-certified by Medicare to keep there Exception status. If your parish or institution is enrolled as a MSP/SEE employer, expect direct communication about re-certification in the coming months. 

Important Tax and Benefits Info

Feb. 8, 2016

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all persons with health insurance are required to submit a 1095 form as proof of coverage, in order to avoid penalties. The form will be sent from CPG and says “Tax Information Enclosed”. Hold on to this as it is now required to be filed with your taxes. 

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Spring Allergy Tips!

May 23, 2016

Allergy season is in full swing around the Diocese of Pennsylvania and if you’re anything like me, there is no way to escape the onslaught of allergy attacks that come multiple times a day. From the sneezing fits and watery eyes to the coughing and horse voice, the pollen and mold count this May is atrocious. But there are plenty of great things we can do to lessen how we are affected by those pesky allergens.

-Peppermint Oil!
A friend of mine recently told me about this and it makes sense and it’s fairly straight forward. Just place a few drops of peppermint oil on you tongue and press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. The vapor from the oil will make its way up into your nasal cavity and start to clear your passages out.

-Fish Oil Supplements
Taking fish oil supplements helps your body to lower it’s levels of leukotrienes, a chemical produced by you body that can result in allergic reactions.

-Stay Hydrated
When our bodies get dehydrated, it starts to produce excess levels of histamine, the primary cause of allergic reactions.

-Eat Local Honey
Eating a spoonful of LOCAL honey every day gives your body a very small amount of the allergens that are prevalent in your locale. This allows your body to start to build up a tolerance which helps it to not react so violently (at least for me) when you start breathing in those local pollen particulates and mold spores.

-Errands in the Rain
Waiting until it rains to do you errands can help immensely if you have pollen, grass or tree allergies. The fresh rain washes all the particulates out of the air and leaves the fresh clean air for breathing. Of course if you’re like me, that only leaves you a little bit of time before the rain causes the mold count to go up, leaving you in a whole new allergic apocalypse.

-Air Filters
Home air filters can help make life livable for those of us besieged by seasonal allergies. By scrubbing the allergens out of the air and leaving only the air itself, an air filter can be a God-send to many of us.

A quick scan of the internet can net you tens of thousands of ways to combat allergies. If something you’ve tried seems to work, let me know. I’d love to give it a try and pass the idea on to everyone else. Pop me an email!

Winter Safety Tips!

Jan 26, 2016
The time is upon us again and with the snow and ice, comes risk. Take some time and make sure you’ve taken every precaution to me make sure your winter is safe.

  • Don’t shovel immediately after eating.
  • Don’t shovel while smoking.
  • Take it slowly.
  • Stretch before you shovel.
  • Don’t try and lift the snow, push it.
  • If you must lift the snow, don’t over do it, and lift with your legs
  • When driving, make sure you provide adequate distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you.

Follow these and other common sense tips and have a safe and fun winter.