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Wapiti is a 432-acre property in Maryland purchased in 2003. There are 11 rooms on the property for rent, a large covered pavilion near the water and several tent platforms for camping. The property is maintained and it is available and used for a variety of retreats. If you are a member of the Diocese and interested in renting the property for a retreat, please fill out this form. Kristen Kelly (215-627-6434) will get back to you shortly.

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Wapiti is located at 470 Wapiti Lane, North East, MD 21901.


Take 95 South into Maryland to exit 100A Route 272 East to North East. Follow Route 272 through the town of North East continue approximately 6-8 miles. Past Texaco gas station, Past the Sandy Cove Conference Center. The road makes a hard right turn and you will pass the Sandy Hill Camp ground and the Wapiti gate will be on your left. There will be a large red gate with stone pillars and the white Wapiti sign.