Resources for Clergy, Spouses and Widows in Retirement

The Rev. Lloyd H. Winter, serves as Chaplain to the Retired Clergy, Spouses and Widows as an extension of the Bishop’s pastoral ministry to retired clergy and their families. He is a resource and advocate to clergy preparing for retirement as they develop new understandings of vocation. Fr. Winter also helps with the practical side of retirement with health insurance, and other available benefits. In retirement, the Chaplain helps clergy, spouses and widows stay connected to the Diocese and wider church through the Church Pension Group’s  network of Chaplains in other Dioceses. He can be reached at 267-981-6157, or at

Fr. Winter received a M.Div. from  The General Theological Seminary in May 1966 and was ordained priest in December of that year in the Diocese of Pennsylvania. Father Winter served three congregations in the Diocese. He retired in 2004 after serving as rector of St. James, Langhorne for 30 years. The Bishop then appointed him as the Chaplain to the Retired Clergy, Spouses and widows of the Diocese.

Upcoming Events:

Annual Spring Gathering for Retired Clergy
The annual Spring Gathering for Retired clergy, spouses and widow(er)s will be on Wednesday, May 9, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bishop Gutiérrez will be with us and our program will include a workshop for clergy and lay on vocation in retirement. If you are nearby, I hope  you can come. More details will come shortly.

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