Lawyers, Accountants and Grant-writers! Oh, my!


As our Diocese grows with the building of our churches, many congregations need legal and financial consultations that will assist them in moving forward with their ministries. We are asking for people (paid and volunteer) to supplement the resources Diocesan staff and governance are providing. (Complete this form) Specifically help is needed in these areas:

  • Grant writers. The Offices of the Diocese have collated available grants. Many congregations find they are eligible to apply, but do not have a grant writer to help fill out applications.
  • Accountants and bookkeepers. Every church is required to submit a Parochial Report and complete an annual Audit. Many need an accountant and/or bookkeeper to help put their finances in order to submit an accurate report.
  • Legal consultation. Every church is a steward of real property with relationship to a municipality, or adjacent to other privately held property. Some churches have ancient by-laws, or an aged trust that needs to be reviewed. They need legal consultation and guidance is needed.

Many congregations do not have the membership or financial resources to retain these services. We have a solution:

The Ministry for Resources and Support is forming consortiums of these three professions to meet the occasional needs of congregations, pro-bono or for nominal costs.  Participation in a consortium would require your availability on a rotating monthly basis.

Please complete this form with your information to become a part of this important ministry that will be vital to many congregations. Contact the Rev. Betsy Ivey, Canon for Resources and Support for more information.