Marcia White

Marcia White is West Philadelphia, born and raised. Her childhood home once stood in the middle of what is now the University of Pennsylvania High School on 37th Street. She enjoyed a twenty-two-year career as a professional fund-raiser for non-profit organizations before joining the staff at the Offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. She officially married her partner, Mary Kelley, on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and will celebrate their twenty-seven years together in October. They reside with their twelve-year old grandson Kadyn, who hopes to get a dog – really soon.

As Assistant in the Office of Transition Ministry, Marcia’s primary responsibilities include walking with an Aspirant through the entire ordination process, and serving clergy, parishes and laity through commission and committee assignments. She works directly with Fresh Start and the Continuing Education Committee and prepares materials for various other committees. In addition, Marcia serves as the Church House special projects consultant. This work includes facilitating the creation of special interest communications products (internal and external calendars, The Diocesan Resource Guide, We Are the Episcopal Staff brochure), digitizing files for Church House and Archives, and co-ordination of Church House supplies.