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If we told you that your church could hold an event, at no charge, which would benefit the members of the church, bring the community together for fellowship and raise funds for church use…..you might find that hard to believe! 

The Jazz Sanctuary was conceived after Alan Segal began the Jazz & Joe program that offers music to houses of worship so that members and people from the surrounding community could congregate and simply have a great time.  The essence of this program was defined as benefitting parishes, the general public, musicians and sponsors.  Businesses sponsor the events, the Jazz Sanctuary supplies the jazz, and the house of worship supplies the “joe” – coffee, sweets and sometimes wine.  The event is free of charge or a free will offering is requested for the benefit of the church.

This was and is a win-win-win.  The parish receives its free will offerings and has the community come into their space.  The sponsors have their name attached to a very worthwhile cause.  The Jazz Sanctuary is currently reaching approximately 5000 people each week and Alan sends out an email to 850 individuals each Monday.  Every event is attended by between 35 and 100 people. Parishes have received substantial contributions and used their space for the benefit of the community-at-large. 

This program was and is a great success!

During the period of time that Jazz & Joe was in its infancy some of the musicians had a conversation concerning the reduction and sometimes the elimination of arts and music programs in schools.  Many of the musicians who perform with us are, or have been educators.  They are well aware of the current difficulties regarding funding. With public educational institutions facing across the board budget cuts, those programs are suffering.

And so The Jazz Sanctuary was born.  That organization now houses Jazz & Joe with sponsorship and fundraising through grants and donations.  Its mission is to offer a music education to those who have an interest and talent but cannot afford it as well as offer events and houses of worship an other public venues.

The Jazz Sanctuary has provided events at: Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’), Church of the Holy Spirit, Trinity Episcopal Church Buckingham, St. Bartholomew, New Jersey, St. Dunstan’s, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Trinity Memorial Church, Seamen’s Church Institute, Green Tree School (for learning disabled children), St. Peter’s Phoenixville, St. Michael’s Lutheran Church and many more.  Some churches have ongoing programs/events four to six times per year with a growing attendance at each event!  

Thanks to your efforts and support The Jazz Sanctuary has provided more than 325 events since its inception.  We celebrated our 300th event at three houses of worship with brilliant attendance. To view the videos click:

Title: 300 event celebration


The complete story is told on their website (www.thejazzsanctuary.com ) there is a video of Alan describing the Jazz & Joe story in the Home & Video tab as well as pictures of the events.  Visit with their website, and on Facebook you can join their email list and most importantly let them sponsor a Jazz & Joe event at your church.

Listen to a radio interview with Alan, here.

The Jazz and Joe events will be listed in the Parish Events calendar on the diocesan website.

Jazz and Joe is now scheduling events for 2018. Please call or email Alan for more information.

Alan Segal can be reached at music@thejazzsanctuary.com, or at 215-208-7314 and looks forward to hearing from you.